Help your Customers grow

Agencies from all over the world trust Shoppy to support their Customers in growing with mobile-commerce.

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Why becoming a partner

A partnership to grow your business

Help your Customers grow by building digital solutions faster and more dynamically. You will strengthen your relationship with them and, at the same time, generate a recurring revenue stream with our Affiliate Program.

We have created a platform that allows you to build a mobile App for your Customers’ Shopify stores in a few minutes, manage their contents independently and start targeted marketing and engagement campaigns. We will be side by side with you to support you and find solutions to help your Customers reach their success.

We will work as a team with the same aim: learn quickly, reach the goals more effectively and grow faster. Together.

Why becoming a partner

4 reasons to join us

Shoppy  affiliate program

Generate a recurring revenue stream

We call it partnership because that is what it is: you get a % of the monthly/annual fee for each license that you activate, forever.

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Supported by the numbers

Small and big agencies are partners of ours and make use of our digital solutions. Thanks to our win-win model and customer success, nobody has regretted doing this yet (in 4 years of work).

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Your success is our success

We will help you strengthen your relationship with your Customers, increase their loyalty, provide your services more cheaply and efficiently, support your Customers with a tech team at their disposal, enforcing your credibility and their trust in you.

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Not your cup of tea? Let us know

There are no costs to activate, maintain or end the partnership. You, as a partner, will never spend anything.

Who is a Shoppy partner

Are you suitable for our Partner Program?

We collaborate with agencies of all sizes that revolve their work around the Customer. From advertising to web marketing, social media design and software development, here is what makes you a good partner for Shoppy:

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Shoppy nama studio partner

Nama is a boutique agency, specialized in Shopify, that supports and works with brands and projects related to eco-sustainability, ethical commerce and female entrepreneurship.

Lavinia Siardi and Silvia Ciniselli , Co-Founder @ Nama

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Answers to the most common questions

Anything. Zero. Nada. The partnership relies on a common shared vision and mutual will to propose new solutions to the Customers, with the support of a software company based in Italy of talented IT engineers.

Throughout a ten-year experience, Mumble has developed a series of products and capabilities that can help agencies of all sizes grow and exponentially improve their business. Thanks to promoting our offer to our partners’ customers, we create new opportunities for each other that would have never existed otherwise. We strongly believe that growing together is the right path.

Our work revolves around mutual trust and respect for our partners’ work. We never deal with our partners’ customers directly; in fact, the partner involves us in new or existing projects, when our contribution is welcome. Our concern is not working with the end customers, but supporting you in showing them the road to success.

A partnership should be convenient for all the parties involved, and we want to make it extremely convenient. For each license that you activate for your customers, you will get a 10% of the related fee (monthly or annual) forever. In addition to this, we will be at your side to conceive, design and implement technological solutions, in order to provide you with all the support that you need to help your customers reach their goals.

There is no ideal customer, neither there is an ideal size for our potential partners. We have no revenue limitations, nor limitations to the turnover generated by selling our products. The message we aim to transmit is that this is not a supplier-to-customer relationship. We are partners that cowork to grow. Together.

That is correct, a choice of ours. The product is a secondary element; we need you to first understand and accept the principles we believe in. Get in touch with us, and we will open up our entire world to you.

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