Fast Checkout

Increase conversions and improve your user experience thanks to the fast check-out. Shoppy saves your main users’ information, speeding up the checkout step and helping you to rise conversions.

Search and enhanced filters

Improve the search process for your mobile users by letting them find exactly the product they are looking for. You can even use filters to navigate only through the products that are more keen to your needs.

Product review

Support the credibility and the loyalty of your brand by adding a review system that is also synchronized with your web e-commerce.

Multi-language and multi-currency

Shoppy supports the native multi-language and multi-currency Shopify system. This enables brands to be known all around the world. What are you waiting for? Sell all over the world!

A world of content, endless possibilities

Create, manage and publish exclusive content for your mobile users.
Create hype about collaborations and news. Share the story of your brand.

Push Notifications

Reach your users with customizable and engaging push notifications.
Exclusive discounts? The launch of a new product? There’s no marketing tool that converts so much.

Cart Recovery

Don’t let your users lose the cart products once they leave the Mobile App. This will save users’ time and will increase the probability of purchase.

Live Chat

The Live Chat allows your users to stay in touch with your Brand quickly and easily. Make your customers feel loved and they will never abandon you.

“Shoppy is the best solution for Saveone because it is continuously growing and lets us consolidate our brand awareness and minimize mobile app management costs. Shoppy also maximizes profits while increasing greatly the average cart value.”

Valerio Bartolo,  COO

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