Push Notifications

A sure way to achieve success

Create high-value relationships and keep in touch with your community thanks to push notifications and in-app messages.

User segmentation

Communicate with the right people

Thanks to segmentation via demographic data and/or preferences, you can choose exactly who will receive the message. They will love what you tell them because it is personalized to them.

Customer success

Always keep in touch

Have you ever wondered what the simplest and quickest way to keep in touch with your customers is? Choose the best solution for you and answer their queries quickly:


Pro shipping

Put your customers at ease by allowing them to check the status of their orders and shipments. Thanks to the integration with ShippyPro, you can show package tracking directly on the order page and send push notifications with every update.

News Section

Offer exclusive content

Inside your app there will be a news section where you can insert exclusive content to make your customers feel special.

Growave Loyalty & Rewards

Reward your customers

The integration with Growave Loyalty & Reward allows you to strengthen your relationships with your customers by creating a fully fledged loyalty program. Give users points and rewards when they: