Is it the right time for a mobile app?

Is it the right time for a mobile app?

Do you want to know if your store needs to a mobile app too? These are 4 signals that the moment has come, and you should move to a mobile strategy, in addition to a website. The goal? Helping your business and revenues grow rapidly, and be able to predict a stable income to distinguish yourself from the competitors.


Do you want to improve your engagement and retention?

If you are having a hard time trying to improve your customers’ engagement and retention, this is probably the time to turn your Shopify e-commerce into a mobile app.

Retention is the greatest challenge that you may have ever heard about. The e-commerce store are becoming more and more familiar with the fact that:

  • – the session time on websites is limited
  • – the average value of the orders is low
  • – the purchasing frequency is almost 0

Do you want to know why? Websites for mobile devices are slow, whilst native apps allow the users to pre-load every page. This means that the waiting time for the navigation is not required, accelerating the navigation itself about 6x compared to mobile websites. And why is it so important? Because some users are increasingly impatient. In other words: every second that your Shopify page spends in loading means a reduction in your conversion rates by 7%.

And what about engagement? This opens the world of push notifications and in-app messages, that consent a perceivable improvement of your traffic. With Shoppy, you have the possibility to custom every element and build a customer loyalty, to reach your main goal: stand out from your competitors!


Do you need to implement safer and more personalized payment methods?

Shopify stores have a high percentage of abandoned carts. Have you ever wondered why so many carts are constantly filled and left there? Although the reasons may vary depending on different factors involved, the main motivation relies in a negative payment experience. Too many fields to fill in, the checkout process simplicity is not guaranteed anymore and this becomes an obstacle. Add the need to change passwords if you forget your login information and have to meticulously re-enter your credit card details… it is clear how the abandoned carts have become the sore point of mobile websites!

native, simple and intuitive payment that does not come from web view management systems is not a dream anymore, thanks to Shoppy! With mobile apps, a user’s information is already stored and loaded, and contains a full integration suite of all the different payment options, giving customers the ability to checkout on autopilot.

With Shoppy you can also custom the payment method! We know that many users feel insecure about using their credit cards or PayPal to pay, and that is why we want to offer you (and them) the opportunity to choose the desired payment method, including a completely safe cash-on-delivery option. Being on the side of your customers, accepting and accommodating their requests, will definitely increase your sales.

Avere un pagamento nativo, semplice e intuitivo che non venga gestito tramite web view, non è più un sogno con Shoppy! Con le app per dispositivi mobile, le informazioni di un utente sono già memorizzate e caricate e con una suite di integrazione completa di tutte le opzioni di pagamento, dando la possibilità ai clienti di effettuare il checkout con il pilota automatico.

Con Shoppy puoi anche personalizzare il metodo di pagamento! Sappiamo che molti clienti non si sentono ancora sicuri nel effettuare pagamenti con carte di credito e Paypal, per questo vogliamo offrirti la possibilità di personalizzare la modalità di pagamento, inserendo anche il contrassegno in totale sicurezza. Questo passo verso le esigenze della tua clientela ti permetterà di avvicinarti a loro e aumentare le vendite.


International customers? A multi-language and multi-currency app is the answer!

What coverage has your store? European? Global? A multi-language app is unmissable! Having an app that adapts the language to your users’ different locations is essential to grow your business.

Working in several markets implies your ability to manage different currencies in payments. Well, you do not have to worry because Shoppy can do this too! You can, indeed, deal with the various currencies used by your users to pay, without asking each one of them to convert the value every time. Remember the main rule: keep it simple!


Are you still under third-parties control?

Many Shopify e-commerce stores are highly dependent on agencies and developers. You know well that when your revenue depends on the success of these third parties, you are giving up some control of your profit. The bottom line is that your profits should not be overly dependent on external entities to your Shopify store, you never know when something might change.

A mobile app is a channel of your property that you can independently own and supervise as a source of data and revenue grown internally. A mobile app offers you a direct connection with your customers (push notifications and in-app messages). More specifically, Shoppy offers you the opportunity to implement push notifications and in-app messages in complete autonomy.

Make your business independent. It is the best insurance policy that you can create for yourself. Long story short, reduce your dependence on third parties and reduce the points of failure.

... And now? 🤔

If you are experiencing one of the above-mentioned signals, it is clear that you should invest on a mobile app. This way, you could have:

  • an incrise in loyalty up to 80%
  • an increase in traffic
  • a considerable increase in time session and conversion rates

Did I convince you? Great! If you are trying to develop an app that auto-synchronizes with your Shopify store, Shoppy is here for you! 🤝 Create your app now