The New Shoppy

The New Shoppy

Life is a journey, which you never stop learning from.

Developers all over the world know it well, since they have to reinvent themselves day after day to keep up with the needs of an evolving community. Millions of different businesses continuously work to provide something new and reinvent themselves. Hence, you need to anticipate your competitors and and boost your strenghts, to prevent them from immediately becoming “old stuff”.

For this reason, a new version of Shoppy has been launched, providing your Shopify store app a new, fresh and captivating look. The main goal is to improve your users’ experience (UX) and inspire them during their journey inside your app.

Let’s find out more together, about all the new features.

A seamless and intuitive experience thanks to the new Tab Bar

Today, the keyword to success is: practicality. Users don’t want to spend a lot of time understanding how to use a new platform, when this appears to be complex or not-so-intuitive. This is why the tab bar of Shoppy has been reorganized, having now all the shopping-related features (homepage, catalogue, cart, wishist, explore) at the bottom of the page, distinguished from the user’s “profile”, which now stands out on the top-right section of the app screen

Shoppy la nuova shoppy collezioni


The main page of your app is completely customizable.

You can choose from all your products and collections the ones to be shown on your Homepage, which can be considered the “showcase” of your app. This allows you to organize the page, in a way that immediately captures your users’ attention.

In addition, the integration with Algolia makes it possible to sort and filter all the in-app researches.

Organize your catalogue

Sync the App with all the Collections available on your Shopify store. Select which ones to showsort and group them. Allow your Users to explore your catalogue in a simple and intuitive way.

Always keep an eye on the cart🚀

It’s now fixed in the middle of the tab bar, in order to be noticed more during the navigation.

Your favorite always with you

Differently from the competitors, Shoppy gives you the opportunity to have at your disposal a “Wishlist” section (in which users can save and always keep an eye on their favourite items) even by activating the basic (and less expensive) plan of the building app.


Through this section, which is conceived as a real news feed, your users can enjoy a life-changing mobile experience. Indeed, you can pick some contents of interest (articles, posts etc.) and propose them to your audience in this dedicated space.


The little man-shaped icon at the top right of the screen is hiding a core feature of Shoppy. Here, in fact, users can insert and manage all of their personal details, including many postal addresses, from which choosing the most suitable for their delivery needs from time to time.

Shoppy la nuova shoppy profile

Nothing is left to chance

To keep the attention of users alive even during the loading of the products, the Skeleton interface allows them to view moving icons, which with a “mirror” effect create a dynamic view. This ensures that the user does not get distracted while waiting, certain that something is actually going to happen on the page.

Fast and intuitive purchasing process

To streamline the purchase process and offer the customer quick and simplified procedures, a fast check-out function is available, through which it is possible to select the details of the desired product (color, size …) and proceed to purchase it in “preview” mode. There is no need to access the specific page of the product, allowing the user to save a few (but precious) seconds of loading.

By proceeding in this way, the customer will immediately have available, in addition to the different delivery addresses entered to choose from, the “Buy Now” button and the “Apple Pay” integration, which both guarantee a simple, fast and secure payment.

One page check-out

In alternative, it is possible to traditionally move from the product page to the cart section, designed in a way that the customer, through the “buy” button, can proceed to the one page check-out that contains all the order specifications (price, shipping costs, delivery address etc.), favoring the granularity of the contents.


For years now, the English language has been considered, the “language of globalization”, but it has not to be taken for granted that everyone knows it. This can be a big barrier for a users who, having to spend money, want to have clear all the information related the product which they are dealing with. The solution is a multi-language service. Shoppy, indeed, knows all the languages of the world! Select the ones you want to make available to your users in their app settings, based on where your customers come from.

But that is not all.

We remind you, in fact, that Shoppy is also characterized as a multi-currency service, thanks to which users are provided with prices updated to their local currency value, without having to carry out the conversion personally (often ending to be inaccurate).

Shoppy la nuova shoppy multi valuta lingua


The world will always be full of less, more or equally worth alternatives for your offer. But the experience that you create for your users is unique, and can make the difference.

Hence, if you have not done it yet, discover the new version of Shoppy, to go deeper on the numerous adavantages that your store may benefit from.

And if you have any doubt or question, the entire team @ Shoppy is at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to contact us! [email protected]