ūüéČ Con Shoppy 3.0 √® ancora pi√Ļ semplice creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify! Non ci credi? Scopri qui!

Welcome to Shoppy 3.0

Creating the mobile app for your Shopify store has become way easier!

Thanks to the new Sales Channel you will create your customized app without any technical knowledge. You just need to add Shoppy to your Shopify sore and start configuring your app!

Farewell private app... Welcome Sales Channel!

The previous version of Shoppy needed creating a private app to work correctly. Thanks to the Sales Channel this is just an old memory!

The App release process becomes way easier and the Shoppy team would create your app without any more steps or requests towards Merchants

You just need to¬†install Shoppy¬†as a Sales Channel and your app is immediately¬†synchronized with your Shopify store. You don’t need any technical knowledge, all your¬†collections¬†and¬†products will be available right away, without any effort.

A new builder for your home, even much easier and intuitive!

The homepage of your application is one of the key elements for success. This is the first screen that potential customers will see, the one that introduces them to your brand and encourages them to make the first actions.

To help you build this very important business card we have completely renewed and simplified the builder for the homepage.


Choose the widgets that better suit your brand and what you want to communicate from a wide ever-expanding library. Add your collections or your products organized into grids, show images, external links or even videos to your homepage. Every Widget is highly customizable and you can easily reorder your homepage with drag & drop.

Live preview

Discover the¬†look¬†of your application in real time! Now you can see the changes you’re doing to your app by looking to the¬†preview on the right.

Reorder your widgets, edit the colors, the textual contents and the icons and discover instantly your new design. You don’t need the app installed on the phone, you just need the¬†Shoppy dashboard.

Welcome Option Layout: new customization variants to make your app even more personal

Customize the behavior and the design of your app directly from the Shoppy dashboard. Thanks to the brand-new Option Layout you can make your Shoppy app exactly how you want it.

You can choose the layout and display of the Catalog screen, wishlist screen and cart screen of your Shoppy app. You can also choose the app behavior when a product is added to a cart: accompany the user towards checkout or display just a simple banner, you just need one click!

Performances improved by 100%

Nobody likes to wait, especially while using an app. For this reason we enhanced the app performance and, thanks to the new Sales Channel, using the application will be faster than ever.

Comparing to the previous Shoppy version the time needed for the first opening has passed from 6 seconds to only¬†3 seconds¬†while products’ loading has been reduced by¬†1 second. We are talking about a¬†100% performance increase! Your customers will find buying on your Shoppy app to be even more enjoyable.

Extend the your App's functionalities thanks to the integration with the Apps of the Shopify ecosystem.

On the new “Integrations” screen you can find all the available integrations for your Shoppy App, all divided for category. You can enable every integration easily by adding all the necessary data to connect the service to your Shoppy app.

Do you wish to add Whatsapp support inside your app? You just need to fill in the phone number to contact and that’s it! An integration that you might use is missing? Check our Development Roadmap¬†here¬†or suggest it to us! We wish to create with you the future of Shoppy!

What are you waiting for? Start immediately to create the mobile app of your Shopify store with the support of our Italian team!