What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2022

ūüéČ Con Shoppy 3.0 √® ancora pi√Ļ semplice creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify! Non ci credi? Scopri qui!

What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2022

ūüď¶ "The product you were looking for is back!" : welcome back in stock notification!

With this new feature, you can alert customer interested for an unavailable product, when it returns back in stock. When a user tries to buy an unavailable product, they will be given the opportunity to register to receive a push notification when the latter returns available.

ūüöö Update your customers through shipment tracking with ShippyPro integration

If you use ShippyPro to create labels and manage orders shipments, Shoppy will show the shipment tracking directly on the order page. This way users can receive a push notification when the shipment is updated and stay up to date on the shipment tracking of their package! 

śú© Choose the Font of your choice

With this release you can customize the font of your Shoppy App from a limited selection, this could make your app even more personal. Our design team has carefully chosen the fonts available in order to combine the style of your brand with the design of Shoppy. 

ūüĒćAn even more powerful filter system, thanks to the integration with Shopify TAGS

If you use tags to allow to filter products in your shop, this integration is for you. By enabling it, your Shoppy app will display filters just like your online shop. You can also categorize them using a separator, just like most Shopify themes do. For example, if your tags are in this format Red_Color Shoppy will be able to group all the Color tags and show them in separate groups. 

‚̧ԳŹ Make unique your App by customizing, from today, the design of the Wishlist

Choose from the designs available on Shoppy the look of the wishlist, and customize your app in detail.

ūüĆĄ Give a unique look to your App by customizing the images of your collections

Want to make your app unique? Thanks to this integration you can upload a preview image of your Collection different from the one used on your Shopify store. 

ūüĆé Internationalize your app with a click!

Are you a multi-language or multi-currency store? Now you can enable multi language and multi currency in your Shoppy app directly from the Shoppy dashboard. Shoppy will automatically use the languages and currencies configured in your Shopify store, and your users can see your app in the language their device is set in. 

ūüí≥ Enable native payments, right from your dashboard

With this release you can choose whether or not to enable native payments on your app directly from the Shoppy dashboard. The first payment method implemented is Apple Pay but we look forward to integrating other payment methods. 

* By the way, recommend us other native payment methods that you would like to have available on your App, we will be happy to include them in our Product Roadmap.

ūüá™ūüáļ GDPR Compliance

We are always careful about rules and regulations, especially on sensitive topics such as privacy. In this release we have implemented two new features to allow you to be updated on the latest requests in terms of Privacy:

    • Users can request, directly from the app,¬†the removal of their data from your Shoppy App. In this case you will receive an email with the request and the information of the user who wants to proceed with it;
    • You can also choose whether¬†to force users to explicitly accept your Terms and Conditions¬†during checkout and registration, as required in the European Union; in this case they will not be able to complete checkout until they accept the proposed conditions.

ūüöÄ Fast buy button now also in homepage

Enable the fast purchase option for products also on the homepage of your App, and further simplify the mobile shopping experience of your Customers.

What are you waiting for? Start building now the Mobile app for your Shopify store with the support of our Italian team!



What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2021

ūüéČ Con Shoppy 3.0 √® ancora pi√Ļ semplice creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify! Non ci credi? Scopri qui!

What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2021

Ecommerce evolution goes through Shoppy! Discover all the news and updates that will make the mobile app of your Shopify store even more interactive and enjoyable for your customers.

Notifications Center

Don’t let your customers take the risk of losing an important Push Notification, like an exclusive discount or the news of your Brand!

We’ve added a¬†Notification Center¬†to our Shoppy Apps which will allow your customers to check every time they want the push notifications that have been sent by your Brand.

Customized notifications

You’re finally able to talk directly to your Customers through Push Notifications.

You just need to add the¬†@username¬†string inside the Notification body which will be automatically replaced with the username of the customer that’s using the app. You can use this feature,for example, to communicate about new shop discounts: “Hey¬†@username¬†open the app and find out all about the new discounts!” which will translate into “Hey¬†Anna¬†open the app and find out all about the new discounts!”.

Create Push notifications directly from the Sales Channel

Starting from today you’ll be able to create push notifications to send to all your app users directly from the Shoppy Dashboard. You can use them to communicate your shop promotions or events or to just demonstrate how much you care for them. This is one of the best ways to build your community loyalty and to create long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Manage the Sales Channel categories

We have updated the Catalog page inside the Design tab to make it easier to use. Shop collections will be no more automatically imported into the list, but they’ll need to be manually added, just like it is done on the homepage. This way you’ll be able to add the same collection more times if that, for example, needs to be seen in multiple sub-categories.

Real time theme preview

The Theme page preview is now interactive and it shows in real time every edit you’ll do. You’ll be able to navigate across the app’s tabs to check on the style you choose or how login and signup views show up by changing the background image. Every change you’ll make will be shown on the preview without the need of another device to check on them.

New catalog page layout style

We’ve added a new way to show the catalog. Primary categories can be now visualized as big cards, with the squared image on the left. Subcategories will be shown in list with the image on the right and the collection name on the left.

Create news directly from the sales channel

Do you wish to tell to your customers the story of your Brand, news and much more? Now you can do it through the¬†new “News” section.

Write down your content, add images and publish your news. Do you want to plan the release of your news? No big issue, you can do it.

Manage all the news from our Sales Channel: create, edit and select the audience for every news!

New integration: Shopify Product Reviews

We have added the possibility to add the official Shopify app for reviews to Shoppy. The feedbacks left by users will now be shown inside the product page of your Shoppy App and users will be able to add new ones directly from the app.

Cosa aspetti? Inizia subito a creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify con il supporto del nostro team italiano!



Welcome to Shoppy 3.0

ūüéČ Con Shoppy 3.0 √® ancora pi√Ļ semplice creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify! Non ci credi? Scopri qui!

Welcome to Shoppy 3.0

Creating the mobile app for your Shopify store has become way easier!

Thanks to the new Sales Channel you will create your customized app without any technical knowledge. You just need to add Shoppy to your Shopify sore and start configuring your app!

Farewell private app... Welcome Sales Channel!

The previous version of Shoppy needed creating a private app to work correctly. Thanks to the Sales Channel this is just an old memory!

The App release process becomes way easier and the Shoppy team would create your app without any more steps or requests towards Merchants

You just need to¬†install Shoppy¬†as a Sales Channel and your app is immediately¬†synchronized with your Shopify store. You don’t need any technical knowledge, all your¬†collections¬†and¬†products will be available right away, without any effort.

A new builder for your home, even much easier and intuitive!

The homepage of your application is one of the key elements for success. This is the first screen that potential customers will see, the one that introduces them to your brand and encourages them to make the first actions.

To help you build this very important business card we have completely renewed and simplified the builder for the homepage.


Choose the widgets that better suit your brand and what you want to communicate from a wide ever-expanding library. Add your collections or your products organized into grids, show images, external links or even videos to your homepage. Every Widget is highly customizable and you can easily reorder your homepage with drag & drop.

Live preview

Discover the¬†look¬†of your application in real time! Now you can see the changes you’re doing to your app by looking to the¬†preview on the right.

Reorder your widgets, edit the colors, the textual contents and the icons and discover instantly your new design. You don’t need the app installed on the phone, you just need the¬†Shoppy dashboard.

Welcome Option Layout: new customization variants to make your app even more personal

Customize the behavior and the design of your app directly from the Shoppy dashboard. Thanks to the brand-new Option Layout you can make your Shoppy app exactly how you want it.

You can choose the layout and display of the Catalog screen, wishlist screen and cart screen of your Shoppy app. You can also choose the app behavior when a product is added to a cart: accompany the user towards checkout or display just a simple banner, you just need one click!

Performances improved by 100%

Nobody likes to wait, especially while using an app. For this reason we enhanced the app performance and, thanks to the new Sales Channel, using the application will be faster than ever.

Comparing to the previous Shoppy version the time needed for the first opening has passed from 6 seconds to only¬†3 seconds¬†while products’ loading has been reduced by¬†1 second. We are talking about a¬†100% performance increase! Your customers will find buying on your Shoppy app to be even more enjoyable.

Extend the your App's functionalities thanks to the integration with the Apps of the Shopify ecosystem.

On the new “Integrations” screen you can find all the available integrations for your Shoppy App, all divided for category. You can enable every integration easily by adding all the necessary data to connect the service to your Shoppy app.

Do you wish to add Whatsapp support inside your app? You just need to fill in the phone number to contact and that’s it! An integration that you might use is missing? Check our Development Roadmap¬†here¬†or suggest it to us! We wish to create with you the future of Shoppy!

What are you waiting for? Start immediately to create the mobile app of your Shopify store with the support of our Italian team!