10 Shopify Apps you should definitely try in 2021

10 Shopify Apps you should definitely try in 2021


This is not a visitor-grabbing article. It is not even an article that brings me income from installations or visits. I put this article together as I searched for the most useful apps to scale my store. You will not find the coolest, the most famous, the most obvious apps; I looked for some goodies that could change your business.

The funny thing is, I have not even lined them up. It is not a ranking, I marked the numbers just so as not to forget where I was. Indeed, if you asked me which one I prefer, I would reply that they are all very useful, but my favorite is the number 8!

Before I reveal the 10 apps you absolutely must try, I would like to give you a brief overview of what Shopify apps are. If you know, you can skip to the next section (but you will miss one of my mantras (Are you sure you wanna do that?)!

What is a Shopify app?

Remember my mantra (one of many): “Shopify works because it does a few things very well”. The fact that Shopify is very easy to use, takes care of the most important aspects of building an e-commerce and allows you to get started quickly makes it a suitable choice for anyone who wants to do business online.

What is the limit? Well, that Shopify does a few things. The functions that you can find in the main part of the application are the bare minimum to sell online: a builder for the pages, the product page, the payment process and … that is it! An example: in the standard Shopify skeleton, there is not even the function to collect and display product reviews.

This is where apps come into play. Shopify has created an ecosystem of developers who can create new features which integrate easily and quickly with Shopify to allow you to handle things that are very important, but that Shopify doesn’t care about.

An app is nothing more than a collection of one or more new features, packaged in a module that you can install and connect to your Shopify in a few clicks. There are free apps and paid apps, very simple apps and apps that require a little more work to be integrated with the platform. In general, there are some very, VERY important applications; let me introduce you to some. Plus a mega gem: I have a little surprise for you at the end of the post. Do not skip the leaderboard though! There are some very cool apps you need to know.

The 10 Shopify apps you must try

1. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
There are other apps like this, but Smile does everything right, in a simple and intuitive way. To increase sales, encourage users to come back, talk about your e-commerce and create a connection, the tools that Smile provides are great.
Plans are not cheap, sure, but what Smile allows you to do is vital for your store. There is a free version that includes limited functionality, but it is a great way to evaluate the ease of installation and use. And, in any case, you can start managing the collection of points and encourage word of mouth. A good start, huh?

Free plan available: Yes
Category: loyalty and reputation

2. Plug in SEO
If you are not a part of it yet, I guess you will be joining some Shopify groups on Facebook or similar soon. You will hear (too) often “Shopify cannot handle the SEO part”. I will not go into the matter, but I will limit myself to suggesting you try Plug in SEO.
It is not the cure for all ills, but the free version allows you to check your shop and understand how things are from an SEO point of view. Sure, the pro version obviously gives you more tools to fix problems and improve; I believe, however, that knowing the problems is half the battle. Endless articles and free videos will do the rest: you just have to study a little bit 🙂

Free plan available: Yes
Category: SEO

3. Fera Social Proof
This is a super treat, once free now paid (although the basic plan is pretty cheap). Fera will help you increase your sales by making your shop more “reliable”. What does it mean? It can help you manage the reviews and testimonials of your customers, but also leverage social proof, one of the most effective mechanics in e-commerce.
In a very short time, Fera can manage a series of popups and automations that show visitors the actions that other customers are performing on the site. “Carlo added this product to his cart”, “Justin made a purchase from Chicago” and the like. This very simple mechanism does nothing but show the visitor that others trust you and are buying; this will increase his confidence and make it easier for him to buy. Cool, huh?

Free plan available: No, trial period only
Category: sales optimization

4. Facebook Messenger Marketing
Another very interesting app that has a free plan to get started. It is not the only app that uses Facebook to increase sales, so maybe do a little research, maybe there are more suitable for your needs. Facebook Messenger Marketing takes advantage of the fact that, instead of letting you leave the email, you can contact your shoppers on Facebook and that the percentage of messages opened (about 80%!) Is enormously higher than the email open rate.
FMM allows you, without the need to write code, to use different strategies to incentivize the user to give you access to his Facebook Messenger and then use that preferential channel to create a connection with him. For example, you can send him discounts, updates on products, on his orders. All super customizable so that it reflects your way of communicating with your customers.

Free plan available: Yes
Category: sales optimization

5. Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews
If you are obsessive-compulsive like me, you will go to see the pricing and you will notice that to know the cost of the pro version you will have to do a demo with the developers. Ugh, I hate it too. BUT be patient (and maybe use Google to find the price anyway!) Because, in case you don’t like Yotpo, you can find more. It is the concept that matters here.
In a few clicks, you can integrate Yotpo into your shop and you can immediately use it to collect reviews of your products, an overall opinion on your site, the photos that users take of your product, the answers to frequently asked questions. Yotpo will help you increase the level of trust that a visitor places in you, seeing a store with reviews, photos and care in the responses that your customer service (which could be yourself) provides customers.

Free plan available: Yes
Category: loyalty and reputation

6. Bulk Image Edit
There is not much to say about this application. You know it better than me: photos in the e-commerce world are one of the elements that make the difference between a successful store and one that is struggling. If you find yourself dealing with a lot of photos and management becomes complicated, you can use Bulk Image Edit to make your life a little easier.
Bulk Image Edit will take care of optimizing your photos to improve your SEO performance; for example, it will adjust the size of the images to make the site faster, clean the alt-text (a sort of invisible caption describing the image content) and optimize the names of the photos to optimize your positioning on search engines and bring more traffic and more sales. Oh, and if you take photos of your products, you can add a nice watermark (your logo or your shop name) to prevent others from using them on their site. 🙂

Free plan available: Yes
Category: SEO 

7. Infinite Options
Infinite Options does not have the free plan, but you can try it for 14 days and see if it fits your needs. If you sell customizable products, then it will probably be interesting.
In short, Infinite Options allows you to add any type of option for your client. Do you offer printed sports shirts? Ask for name, shirt number and color. Do you offer custom bracelets? Ask for the message to print. There is no limit, just your imagination!

Free plan available: No, free 14-day trial
Category: product

8. Kit
Do you need help promoting your store? Kit can help you! Before talking about features, get to know that one of Kit’s strong points is customer service (or rather, customer success). Kit has many positive reviews that point out that the support is top-notch, which is extremely important for a Shopify app.
Kit is a particular app. It is a kind of invisible assistant that analyzes everything that happens in your store and turns it into recommendations. He is the marketing expert you have always wanted by your side but you still cannot afford it. Anything I can say about Kit would be an understatement: I recommend that you explore it, look for some video on what it can do and, maybe, try it. You can thank me later. 🙂

Free plan available: Completely free app
Category: sales optimization

9. Seguno
You must definitely try to differentiate yourself and use other tools to stay in touch with your customers, very true. It is also true, however, that email marketing is always a very powerful tool.
Seguno is an email marketing app that lets you manage the entire flow directly from your Shopify store (finally!). Create the flow, activate the automations to stimulate customers to buy, resume purchases, offer discounts etc. A very useful tool to generate revenues and always remain in the minds of your customers. Note: there is a free version for a certain number of subscribers, so it’s great for trying out its features.

Free plan available: Yes
Category: sales optimization

10. Persistent Cart
This app is also a real bomb! With Persistent Cart, the contents of your user’s cart will be associated with their profile and will allow them to abandon the mobile purchase process, resume it from their computer or tablet and find everything they had added to their cart.

Persistent Cart does not have a free plan but the cost is very low and the advantages that such an application can give are enormous. Imagine having composed the cart, accidentally closing the page, reopening the site and… finding the empty cart. On the contrary, think that you can accumulate things to buy as soon as you receive your salary; to be able to keep them there, ready, waiting for a click. This is a user experience that makes the difference!

Free plan available: No, just a 30-day free trial
Category: sales optimization


I hope you enjoyed these 10 apps. For me, they are really cool! Try them, experiment, look for other similar apps, but remember the features that each of these brings to your store because they can really make the difference between a successful store and one that converts little.

As a bonus, I wanted to introduce you to the Shoppy app and make you an indecent proposal. In a nutshell, we built Shoppy to give you the ability to create a mobile application for your Shopify store in just a few clicks and without spending a fortune.

Shoppy is a unique way to always stay in your user’s pocket. Manage your store from Shopify, send news, posts, discounts, promotions, photos, etc. to applications and notify your customers with a push notification. Some of our customers have taken their e-commerce to another level with Shoppy and I’d like to understand how we can help you do that too.

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Your success on Shopify certainly does not depend on an application. But I believe that using the right apps at the right time can give you a very strong boost and shake up your business. Always remember, however, that the rules of e-commerce are not completely different from those of traditional commerce; it is true, some mechanics are different, but what matters are always human relationships and attention to customer needs.

Find a problem, fix it flawlessly, help people do it right, and you’ll have no problem distinguishing yourself from others. In my opinion, this is the real recipe for success. Now go find your problem and solve it! Good job!