Beyond the limits: how to achieve more from your E-Commerce

Beyond the limits: how to achieve more from your E-Commerce

The rise of the Internet has completely redesigned the concept of communication itself: being able to reach any type of information in real time has represented a decisive change in the human communication system. Even companies have adapted to this new era by exploiting, in a massive way, the mediation of social networks in order to be able to get in touch with the largest number of consumers possible. An example is the introduction of the “explore” page by some of the most important world-known Social Networks which is increasingly growing its relevance. It is a key tool that let your non-followers come across you through a sort of showcase that offers to each user an overview of contents considered by the algorithm of his “interest”, according to his activities and interactions.¬†

This new feature has intensively contributed to increase the duration of time that each user spend on¬† applications (the so-called¬†time session), allowing them to enjoy new contents at every “refresh” of the page.

From Social Networks to the E-commerce

We live in the era of social commerce, today more and more users make purchases directly from social networks. For this reason there has been a change in the nature of social media, which if once helped people to discover, connect and communicate with brands, now have consolidated their position in what traditionally represented the last piece of the funnel, the conversion. In particular, Facebook and Instagram are media able to create economic value for companies thanks to the winning combination with the E-commerce.

Consequentially, it becomes much more important to have a native mobile app for merchants who own an E-commerce store. A mobile version of the website is required today in order to involve potential and actual customers. An app can increase sales (considering the raising trend in mobile shopping rather than the desktop shopping) and, at the same time, can promote your E-commerce! In this way users will be aware of unexplored pages of your website, news from their industry world and they can that establish a more direct interaction with the company, also facilitating the loyalty process.  

Involve your users...

The “explore” section of your¬†app¬†can be customised and has a great level of flexibility about which contents to show and how to organise them in the screen. It offers a more interesting experience with news and updates that go beyond the shopping itself, contributing to make users eager to discover more on your app and this will extend their time session. The possibility of using content that are external to the “closed circle” of the shop means that they can¬†join a open and constantly evolving community¬†(which gains extra importance in a period of forced isolation such as the Covid-19 one). They can always find new topics to browse and navigation tips from which they can expand their knowledge. Everything within their smartphones!

The longer it takes for users within the application, to discover your world and your offerings, the stronger the positioning of your brand will be in their mind. This will increase their conversion rate and, therefore, the chance that they will buy your product sooner or later. However, the care and commitment dedicated to develop a perfect mobile experience must be consistent. 62% of people that have a bad mobile experience with you are less likely to become customers in the future! For this reason, it is important to be supported by experts, especially in the development phase in which the most important decisions are taken.

...through the loyalty!

For what concern users, it is important to distinguish between potential customers and actual or loyal ones, that have already bought some of your items and are likely to do it again. Offering an interesting navigation experience through the app can help to shape their vision of you. The economist Palmer was the first to introduce the concept of “corporate identity“, in which there are the¬†image¬†and¬†reputation¬†ideas; the first concept concerns what you, as a merchant, mean to transmit and how you want to be perceived and the second is about what externals actually perceive when they come across your brand. A¬†360¬į shopping experience¬†can only be an¬†added value, which is likely to become part of the customers’ idea of your product.

This aspect, combined with¬†other app-exclusive features such as customised notifications or seamless and rapid payment methods, will promote the so-called¬†retention rate¬†which can be simply described as the profitability of your actual users. We’re talking about an investment that can add extra benefits to your offer and, as a consequence, a core value not only to your product, but also to your service.¬†15%¬†of regular users can be responsible for 50+% of your profits. So, don’t forget about the importance of developing an¬†interesting and captivating application¬†that invites them to access it every time they unlock their mobile device to find out what’s new!

Want to keep them updated? Send a new notification!

If you want to capture the attention of your users and act in order to entice them to open your app, take advantage from¬†push notifications:¬†notify¬†them every time you upload¬†a news that might be interesting¬†for them for a win-win strategy. In this way, they can be sure not to miss anything and you can take advantage from their presence on your mobile store! Be careful about not being too intrusive, it is important to find the right balance to ensure that the user’s curiosity is really aroused and to prevent the customer from deleting the app, irritated by the notifications.

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