How a mobile app can help build loyalty from your customers

How a mobile app can help build loyalty from your customers

Launching a new product on the market in the 21st century may prove to be a challenge. Fortunately, the key to success is another: the customer. Considering your end users as a starting point and not an arrival point to design your service is critical for them to interact with you repeatedly over time.

You have probably already read somewhere that even a 5% increase in your users’ conversion rates can mean for you a profit increase from 25% to 100%. To make this happen, you need to bring them closer and closer to you, through an experience custom-made. In this article you will learn¬†how to retain your customers with an app.¬†

One-to-one communication

Users do not want to be just a number. Therefore, addressing them directly and personally is definitely the winning alternative. Schedule and send them a push notification following a purchase, to know what they think of the product, or following a return, to know what went wrong, or simply let them know that there is an offer in progress. 

However, keep in mind that 95% of your consumers want to receive unsolicited messages. So, in addition to sending notifications based on the activation of specific triggers by your users, program a spontaneous and periodic communication to know what they think of you or update them on the news available in your store.

Choose the right language

For your communication to be 100% personalized and effective, your users need to be able to read your messages in their spoken language. With a multi-language app you can send them news and updates directly in the language they have selected by default, without having to worry about translations or someone may not understand what they are reading. Speak their language and speak of yourself!

Tap the right keys

For your audience, knowing that you share their values is a good reason to trust you. According to Sean Macdonald, users, especially younger users, are increasingly turning to brands that show that they share their ideals. For this reason, show your commitment to themes that are close to your heart and that are also relevant to your target, through a dedicated section on your homepage. This allows you to establish an emotional relationship with your client as soon as the client accesses the app.

Leave the word to your customers

Word of mouth and consultation of online reviews are the most reliable formats for users who want to find out about a new seller or a new product. This is because other consumers like them, being outside of your organization, can provide an objective view, based on direct experience. Place side by side your app with what your users say about you in the app store can make a difference. To do this, encourage them to leave you a review, perhaps offering them small rewards, thus increasing the trust of old and new customers in one fell swoop. Anyone who downloads your app will be relieved to read how satisfying your service is and will be positively influenced even before trying it. 

Build a community

Promoting exclusive offers for premium or VIP customers is definitely one of the most common strategies to demand the need for them to feel special and be treated with a particular regard. But it’s not the only way to get them involved. 

Through the explore section of your app, you can share exclusive content, directly from your site or from the rest of the web, so as to inform them and take them outside the borders of your store and your app. Another way to keep your customers up to date and make them feel part of a community is through newsletters and emails. Thanks to these tools you will always keep in touch with them, sending useful information and communications of various kinds on services or events organized by you! Knowing that beyond buying there is more to it, will prompt them to take an interest in and talk to friends about how great your world is.

Loyalty programs and rewards

I wanted to leave for last the most common technique to retain your customers: offer them loyalty programs. It is set up as a very useful strategy to increase the retention of your users, stimulated by the idea of being able to take advantage of exclusive advantages by joining your community. In addition, offering cumulative points collection through purchases is a great way to encourage them to buy even when they do not need it. By connecting an app to your store, you can give them the ability to always keep track of the dedicated offerings, their points, and the full range of information related to their membership.

... And now?

In this article you found out why customer loyalty is important to ensure long-term success for your business. Stand out from the competition by showing your originality, offer benefits to your customers and show them that their satisfaction is important to you. In this way you will get loyal customers who will return repeatedly to buy from your brand! So remember that creating a relationship of trust will promote long and fruitful collaboration and will benefit both sides.