How the mobile app can increase the Customer Retention of your store

How the mobile app can increase the Customer Retention of your store

How many minutes has it been since the last time you looked at your smartphone? I guess not many, there is also a high probability that you are reading this article from the screen of your mobile phone: actually, nowadays the percentage of population who own smartphones or tablets is increasing. To give an example, 70% of Americans own a smartphone and 50% a tablet (and these data do not differ much from the ones of other nations). 

It is therefore easy to understand how important is for a brand to implement marketing strategies that adapt to this new social phase in which there is the principle of “if it’s smart is better“. If you are looking for actions that can lead your e-commerce to a long-term success and a real growth,¬†it is important to try to combine winning business plans, such as the customer retention one¬†(which is based on the loyalty and retention of the acquired customers),¬†with digital tools that are easy to understand and use; specifically, this article will focus on how to increase the customer retention thanks to the app.

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Be visible to your customers at any times

Statistics show that the average american spends more than two hours a day on his smartphone; within this time he will use different applications but it is important that the app of your e-commerce is clearly visible, attracts his attention during the scrolling and induces the desire to log in and start shopping thanks to a well-designed app icon!

First of all, the user has to download the app on his mobile device: in this way he will be able to see it in the home right after unlocking the phone and will be aware of the app presence even if it remains dormant. This will be an advantage for your business because the human mind unconsciously records every image and text it sees. Developing a well-designed app, with attractive features and which is updated frequently, will lead to a growth in brand awarness: in this way the user will be more likely to develop a deeper consciousness of the brand!

Create a direct marketing channel and increase the customer engagement through push notifications

One of the greatest benefits of having an app is that all the information you want to send to customers are “at their fingertips“; in this way it will be easier to increase the customer engagement, making the user perceive a more direct and human connection with the brand and, consequently, to increase the retention. This can be implemented in your business strategy thanks to the support of push notifications!¬†

Push notifications are digital messages that are automatically sent to the user according to actions he takes (if he often visits a product category, if he buys a specific object, etc.). Let’s see some of their benefits:¬†

  • They have a concise and friendly text: they are sent to welcome, to remind that there are items in the shopping cart or to inform about special offers.
  • They appear on the screen as notifications that you don’t need to open to read: this fits very well with modern frenetic habits that rarely allow users to waste even a few seconds to open and read an email from a newsletter or a text message.
  • They can increase the conversion rate of customers, and, consequently, generate an increase in purchases.
  • They offer content that customers may like¬†thanks to the information that the system collects from their profile and can be deactivated in case they are annoyed.
  • They generate a direct brand-customer communication¬†that is not confused with other advertising messages.
  • It is possible to schedule the sending of messages, for example with offers that will surely attract the attention of your customers.

Push notifications will allow your company to create a more direct and lasting relationship with customers and this can only benefit you!

Offer a better mobile experience

The concept of Customer Retention is closely linked to the Customer Experience: when you are able to offer a tool that is simple to use, easy to understand and that has an attractive design, you are also able to make customers become attached to the brand and induce them to buy again because of the positive and satisfying experience. The app embodies all of these potentials, here there are some advantages: 

  • Cart recovery: the cart remains saved even if the user stops shopping and exits from the app. This is an element that contributes significantly to improve the customer’s shopping experience if compared to web platforms in which they have to reassemble the cart because they left the site.¬†
  • Personalized content: the app is designed to be used on mobile devices (smartphone or tablet). So the design will be studied specifically for these and it will present structural differences from the website in order to make its use more immediate. In this way the usability of the interface is improved and facilitates an emotional connection with the user by making the customer’s actions more clear and fluid.
  • Fast-checkout: it automatizes login, speed up the entry of personal data and offer payment options such as Apple Pay or PayPal. In this way, users will have fewer reasons that could make them desist from buying, reducing the percentage of abandoned carts: just think that the cart abandonment rate in apps is 20% against 97% of mobile sites!

Usability is one of the most important aspects to take care of, the user will be more likely to stop using the e-commerce app if it is perceived as difficult and unintuitive and this will have negative effects on retention.

Offer exclusive content and promotions

Consumers are always looking for the best offer…¬†But what if it exists only on the brand app?¬†Well, this would surely persuade potential customers to download it in order to have access to this promotion. Of course, to increase the retention, it is important to make sure that the app is not deleted immediately after purchasing but that it continues to be a preferential platform from which buy: some examples of winning strategies could be to¬†activate promotions only on mobile app that do not exist on the e-commerce website or put on sale some products only on the brand’s application. In this way, the customer will recognize the promotional benefits that comes from it and, if satisfied, will continue to buy through the app.

A concrete example of a company that uses this strategy to increase the retention is Booking: some structures are only available on the mobile app and do not appear on the website, as well as many promotions. This encourage users to download the application and to prefer it to the website in order to have an extended range of choice and enjoy better discounts.

Reward them with loyalty or VIP programs

Another good reason why you should create the mobile app of your e-commerce is the Customer Loyalty: each of us is constantly overwhelmed by so much advertising that it makes it difficult to impact the consumer. For this reason, it is important that the brand develops strategies to create an authentic and strong connection in order to convert the user into a loyal customer, satisfied with the service you are offering.

An effective strategy is to implement loyalty programs, such as rewarding customers for interacting with the ecommerce app through points that will give them discounts. This increases the chances that the consumer will buy again and with pleasure, but it also decreases the possibility of him being attracted by the competition. 

Therefore, it is important to know when to reward the customer in order to have a significant impact on him; here are a series of moments in which it is good to introduce benefits for the most loyal ones: 

  • When a user downloads the app: offering a discount that can be used on the first purchase represents an immediate gratification for the customer and creates a strong feeling of reciprocity;
  • When a client buys: you’ll show appreciation for the trust the consumer has placed in your brand. You will give them a good reason to come back!
  • The day of his birthday: when the customer sees that you have spent time to celebrate his birthday he will feel more emotionally involved. This will definitely be a motivation to come back and buy.¬†
  • When he shares your brand with other users: your customers are extremely important for the word of mouth that they do. Indeed, if they are loyal customers, they already appreciate your brand. Rewarding them for spreading this positive experience with other people will, first of all, strengthen the relationship with them and also attract new users.

Offer a more comfortable and efficient customer care service

A really important element for the customer retention is to offer a customer care service that is as efficient as possible: being able to guarantee a quick response to customer requests without making it difficult to contact the company, brings a considerable added value to your business. 

The app allows you to better implement the customer care functions through:

  • In-app¬†messaging: they offer a personalized, immediate and guaranteed customer service 24hrs.
  • Direct-call button: just press it to quickly contact a company operator.
  • Customer feedback¬†area: collects customers’ experiences and their opinions.
  • Section with frequently asked questions (FAQ): helps potential customers to resolve their doubts without necessarily having to contact the company.

All these services will lead to speed up the loyalty process, strengthening the relationship with acquired customers and attracting new ones. It must be one of the primary objectives of the company to make the consumer experience as pleasant as possible, making him forget the typical hassles and the biblical times of contacting the customer service. 

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of having an app, here there is a final consideration.

There is a general principle that defines winning business strategies: money goes where the customer goes. This principle must be adapted to the current historical period and must be coherent with the social trends of the moment. A research from 2019 shows that 90% of the time spent on the internet is used on apps, not websites; this is a very strong indicator to understand in which area you need to invest in order to grow and be successful.

By investing in mobile apps you will offer better shopping experiences, you will get happier customers and you will increase the customer retention of your e-commerce!

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