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How to preserve your e-commerce throughout Covid-19

How to preserve your e-commerce throughout Covid-19

Coronavirus has overturned our lives and has caused an unforeseen economic breakdown all over the world. Physical stores encountered many incredible losses, as a consequence of the lockdowns that caused the sales to fell down during the last year.

Nevertheless, some businesses seem to have benefit (if we can call it so) from this phenomenon. Being constrained in their houses, users have indeed enhanced their online shopping activity. Hence, somebody made it. Somebody twisted the crisis into rise. E-commerce activities, indeed, increased their sales and revenues and successfully coped with such hard times.

The benefits differ from one sector to another, especially considering that food, game and sport industries have been the most rewarded ones. Even cosmetics and electronics registered an increase in sales, which are expected to continue growing.

If your business didn’t observe this rise (or worse, you had first hand experience with its decline) how can you expect it to survive this pandemic? First of all, you must analyse the changes in your customers’ behaviour throughout time and adapt your tools to their renewed needs.

You don’t know how to do so? Don’t worry, here we are 6 suggestions for you, to help your e-commerce resist the crisis in the era of Covid-19.

1. Adapt your strategies to the new consumers’ habits

It’s clear as day that the pandemic revolutionised our lifestyles from many points of view. Let’s focus on the positive changes that even a negative situation may bring us and conceive some effective strategies to overcome the difficulties.

The restrictions to limit our movement modified the purchasing behaviors. For example, so many people find it unconceivable nowadays, to go to a store and buy just a few things per time. The tendency moved toward the online shopping, thanks to which people can stock up in total relax.

To keep guaranteeing your customers a top-quality service and show them that you care, put their needs first and analyse their purchasing behaviors cautiously. Think, for example, of customised discounts (according to different purchasing preferences). How? With push notifications or in-app messages using the app of your e-commerce! Your support could become an asset in this downturn.

2. Take advantage of the e-commerce in the era of Covid-19

As previously announced, it’s so sad to observe the decline that sectors such as tourism, real estates, catering industries and  so many others experienced. But, at the same time, we shouldn’t ignore the rapidity in the growth of so many other ones, thanks to the online selling.

E-commerce reached peaks that only in 2025 we would have seen otherwise. In-app purchases have increased too, due to a higher usage of the mobile devices.

A tip? Create an app for your e-commerce. It allows you to offer a unique experience for your customers and engage them more than ever. These are some reasons why your e-commerce can’t live without an app anymore:

  1. In- app purchases are easier and faster. We have always a smartphone on hand, and it can’t be a coincidence that in-app purchases are growing so rapidly…
  2. You need a mobile app to send push notifications. And that’s not all. You can customise the communication according to the different purchasing habits. You can be able to send your customers a memo to invite them buying their preferred items, checking their latest purchases. And what about full carts? You can send the users a limited-time offer to push them in completing their orders! In addition, you could send notifications through the app, in order to communicate that previously sold-out items are available again. Doesn’t it sound incredible?
  3. Integrating avantgarde technologies to your app is essential to show the products at 360 degrees and offer a “real-life” experience through the screen of a smartphone. I’m obviously speaking of augmented reality videos to bring your products to life. This technology gives your customers a practical idea of your offer and their purchases become reliable even considering that they can’t physically touch, try or observe the products.
  4. In the preview of your app  in the app store, you can show the users’ feedback in addition to the description of your program’s main features and captivating screenshots. This allows you to increase your credibility and visibility. But how do you get such positive feedback? Solicit your loyal customers and invite them writing what they like the most and sharing their thought about you on Social Media! Send a push notification and offer discounts on their next purchase: they won’t disappoint you!

If you’re not completely sure about all the great things that I’ve just mentioned, read this article and learn more about all the benefits of a mobile app for your e-commerce.

3. Focus on loyalty programs for your actual customers

I know what you’re thinking. One of the main reasons that pushes company in starting an e-commerce is the opportunity to increase sales and attract as many customers as possible. These factors can’t be ignored, and it’s crucial for your marketing to convince lots of more clients everyday to buy your product. But this is not the key to success. You should focus, instead, on the existing customers and empower the communication you have with them. These are the core activities for your success!

You’ll have to modify your marketing strategies and readapt them. You’ll have to pay attention to the renewed necessities that your customers developed and satisfy them at your best. At the same time, it is essential to show your empathy and promote your offer in a way that they can perceive as useful. Let them know that you’re there to support and improve their lives, and they’ll sure appreciate that.

Do you also want to know a terrific strategy to retain the customers? It’s a walk in the park: send them push notifications. These allow you to communicate directly and show them the products they need or desire the most. Establish a strong relation with your clients and show empathy in such hard times, for example by creating customised discounts or free-shipping bonus codes, to show your support at 100%.

4. Invest on the quality of your customer service

Be sensitive and try to perceive immediately your customers’ needs, being this such a terrible living situation. Let us feel that you’re there for them and show your support anytime. It’s important to create in their minds the idea that they can count on you whenever they need. 

How to? Provide them with a top-quality customer service! They may always need your comprehension, and your job is to reshape your activity following the guidelines of their needs. This is the only way they can continue trusting you and your brand.

And if you find it hard to manage a stable relation with your audience, try a chatbot. It’s a modern technology conceived to emulate human conversations and allows you to answer automatically (and efficiently) your customers’ questions. This means having a top-quality customer service! You’ll spare time for the easiest requests and have the opportunity to focus on the more complex ones, that require your direct presence. In addition, you could add these automatic response systems in your mobile app! That’s how the users will find it easy to get the support they need.

5. Build trust-based relations

As previously said, loyal customers play a key role for your success. They’re, indeed, more likely to choose your products rather than your competitors’, and with a major frequency. It’s also easier to adopt upselling and cross-selling strategies with your loyal customers. Simultaneously, it’s important to make efforts in offering valuable services and products, ensure a top-of-the-line customer service, effectively respond to their needs and build a trust-based relation.

It’s unexpectedly difficult to cultivate trustworthiness overtime. Your customers should keep believing in you and receiving even a greater value day after day to continue choosing your brand. Hence, you need to centre your attention on customised communication, to make your marketing strategies effective and create unforgettable journeys for your clients.

Remember that transparency is essential in the relationship with your customers. If you can’t guarantee in-time deliveries because of a particular busy or difficult period, send notice to your clients: they want to feel that you haven’t forgotten them and will appreciate your honesty.

Customised messages are another crucial feature in your communication. This leads us again to the importance of push notifications. Thanks to this tool, you can send personalised messages to the right people at the right moment, after studying their activity and purchasing habits. You can also provide automatic push notifications, that go straight to your customers’ smartphones after specific actions have been made (new products added to the wishlist, shipping cart abandonment…).

Be careful to the quality of the information that you share with your customers. Avoid irrelevant notifications, which they can’t take advantage from, and bothering them. Pay attention to the content creation process and work hard to provide them with valuable and tailor-made communications. This will work!

6. Encourage your customers to promote your brand

Loyal customers can bring you unexpected benefits! Not only they shop from you frequently and contribute actively to increment your sales, but also can promote your brand, attracting new potential clients.

Provide your loyal customers with very profitable prices, to guarantee a wonderful experience and feel their satisfaction. Don’t miss the chance to invite them to leave a comment about you in your app and on your Social Media pages. And it’s even better if you combine this with promising a discount as a reward for their effort. They’ll be more inclined to spread the voice about you.

You can always show these comments in your app and in the description of the app on the app store. You e-commerce will benefit from more credibility and exposure.

No, that’s not enough yet. You’ll be able to collect the number of users that see your products and use the data to convince undecided customers.

To sum up

Covid-19 is certainly challenging us, limiting our decision-making authority and obligating a re-adaption of our jobs and strategies to a new reality. It’s not easy to change our working methods, but we must do it, to survive this terrible crisis. I hope that my suggestions will help you find your customers’ needs, what to work on and how to approach your market.

A little recap on the discussed topics, which you should focus on:

  1. Adapt your strategies to the new customers’ habits
  2. Take advantage of the e-commerce in the era of Covid-19
  3. Focus on loyalty programs for your actual customers
  4. Invest on the quality of your customer service
  5. Build trust-based relations
  6. Encourage your customers to promote your brand

... And now? 🤔

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