Is it time to create your mobile App?

Is it time to create your mobile App?

Do you want to know if your store needs a mobile app? Here there are 5 questions you need to ask yourself to understand that it’s time to think big and move to a mobile strategy.¬†

The main focus? Growing your business effectively, but above all to have a predictable revenue stream and differentiate yourself from the competitors! 

1. Do you want to improve the retention of your store?

If you are struggling to improve the retention of your customers, it is probably time to support your Shopify e-commerce with a mobile app. 

Retention is definitely the biggest challenge we hear about. Increasingly, e-commerce owners are finding out that: 

  • the period of the Website session is reduced;¬†
  • the average order value is not high;
  • the purchase frequency is close to zero.

The reasons for this data could be various, but they can all be improved by adding a mobile app to your web ecommerce.

First of all, among the reasons there is the lack of speed of the websites for mobile devices, while on a native app it is possible to pre-load the pages, significantly reducing the browsing time. It is estimated that an app has a speed up to 6 times faster than mobile websites. This is important, because a slow-loading site affects conversions by up to 20%. 

Another reason why retention may not be good is the poor efficiency of the channels you use to get users back to your site. If you use email or Social ADS, you could end up in the middle of the competition, losing the return of your user. Using the direct channel of push notifications and in-app messages, you are able to send a personal message that users will receive directly on their device, allowing an immediate improvement in traffic and conversion rates 4 times higher than traditional email campaigns. 

Thanks to tools such as Mobile Apps and channels as push notifications, your retention is led to a physiological improvement, and consequently to an increase of the conversions and of the average order value.

If you want to know more about retention here there is an article that will surely be for you.

2. Are you investing a lot of money in acquisition campaigns but struggling to grow? 

We often say that “time is money”. The concept is even more truthful if you are the manager of an E-commerce; if you are¬†investing money¬†and¬†spending a lot of time¬†optimizing your¬†acquisition campaigns¬†without seeing concrete results, well, needless to say that your strategy can be improved!

A good starting point is definitely¬†aiming for a high retention rate. If you collect 10 new customers every month, but they don’t buy again the following one, then your business won’t grow, even though the investments in acquisition costs are always higher!¬†

You need to work on new customers, making them become habitual. This will lead your brand to an effective growth, not just focused on acquiring new consumers. So concentrate on retaining regular customers, but how? 

  • Engage them with¬†Push Notifications¬†in order to keep them with you;¬†¬†
  • Create and publish¬†customized content;¬†
  • Offer¬†exclusive discounts and promotions¬†dedicated only to them;
  • Show a¬†preview¬†of the new collections and collaborations;¬†
  • Integrate a smart¬†customer care service

Once you have implemented some of these strategies, you will notice that customers will continue to trust your brand, feeling emotionally rewarded by the experience you are offering. Inevitably, this process leads to a growth of your e-commerce. 

3. Do you have an e-commerce with a high percentage of abandoned carts?

The main reason is related to the lack of immediacy of the check-out process, because of the many fields to fill in and the difficulty of keeping in mind login information, represent an obstacle that lead the customer not to complete the purchase process.

Having a native, simple and intuitive payment is no longer a dream! With the apps for mobile devices you have possibilities like a speed increase of data entry such as name and surname, geographical position and credit card data, thus giving customers the possibility to make the checkout in a simple way. Indeed, entering your credit card details takes time, is annoying and, especially from mobile, leads to making mistakes; furthermore, users may not always have it at hand. It is a good idea to provide easy payment options such as PayPal or Apple Pay. 

4. Are you still too reliant on third-party systems?

Even today, many brands rely on third-party systems to communicate and interact with their communities. For example, they use social networks, finding themselves at the mercy of their success and risking to lose control. 

It is important to be aware that your marketing strategies should not depend excessively on entities outside your company, because you never know when something might change (and in case, you could not do anything about it!): it might be a pandemic, as 2020 taught us, or a different algorithm, you need to be able to rely on tools that can be controlled by your own business to keep growing.

If Apple updates its Policy by no longer allowing user tracking (by the way, read our article on iOS 14 here  The negative  effects of iOS14.5 on your business and how to avoid them, invalidating your Pixel and dramatically decreasing the performance of your campaigns, would you be able to survive? If Instagram updated its algorithm penalizing the publication on the newsfeed of your Posts, would you still be able to communicate with your Community?

One of the strategies you can put in place to protect yourself is the mobile app. This is your own communication channel and it allows you to independently own and supervise users and data sources. Shoppy offers you a direct connection to your customers (push notifications and in-app messages) that cannot be influenced by decisions made by third parties.

Making your business independent is the best guarantee you can have for yourself. Simply, reducing your third-party addiction and decrease your failure points! 

5. Have you got high mobile traffic but few orders?

Even if you have a growing community and traffic to your site reflects that, it may not be the same for the number of mobile orders. Why? Because the experience that a responsive site offers is not the same as an app.

The added value of a dedicated app consist not only in speed and practicality but also in direct communication with your fans. For example:

  • You can reward¬†loyal customers with exclusive discounts or access to a VIP stage in your community;
  • You can invite¬†new customers into your community¬†by rewarding them¬†with special benefits that can only be used on the application.

These are just some tips but they can give a significant boost to the growth of your e-commerce increasing the retention and consequently the number of your orders. You know that with these little measures you could: 

  • Increase loyality up to 80%;¬†
  • Increase the traffic;¬†
  • Significantly increase the duration of the session and the number of conversions.

Good! Then if you’re looking to develop an app that connects directly with your Shopify, Shoppy is here to help you! Start creating your app now!