Late night shopping: the new habits of consumers

Late night shopping: the new habits of consumers

E-commerce has revolutionized the consumers’ buying habits. Until some time ago going shopping meant taking the time to see the windows and choose the item to buy, all at fixed times. Today everything has changed. It doesn’t matter how, where or when: every occasion is good to buy online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.¬†

The best time for shopping seems to be at night. Thanks to the evolution of E-commerce and M-commerce (mobile commerce), this new and interesting consumers’ habit has begun:¬†the late night shopping. We have to thank the smartphone, the apps and the mobile commerce, which made it possible for us to access our favorite stores without having to take our heads off the pillow. So, you will understand for yourself¬†why it is so important today to have an app¬†that allows you to reach costumers quickly and effortlessly.

Why do people prefer to shop at night?

By studying the analytics regarding consumers with Partnership Card, John Lewis & Partners, a British company operating in the retail sector, found that 1/15 of their purchases were recorded between midnight and 6am. As a consequence, purchases made in this time span increased by 23% in 2018, compared to 2017. The data are still growing, also because of the insomnia caused by the quarantine, a sui generis historical phase which led to a necessary change in the purchasing habits of users.

The rhythms of life are more frenetic and the days seem to never end due to the multitude of responsibilities we have until late at night: we are divided between smart working and office work, between housework and hobbies. Hence, you do not have time to do some shopping, except in the evenings. And it is at this time of day that many of your users take their smartphones and start surfing the net, looking for that purchase that they have been putting off for some time, or the one that in the previous hours they haven’t had time to do.

This new trend is called the Vampire Economy.

What is the Vampire Economy?

The term is extremely representative as it defines all that part of the population that for reasons of necessity or insomnia finds itself shopping online at night. Women seem to be the most responsible for this “anomalous” shopping if compared to the past, in which the shops had a definite opening and closing time.

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Let’s see the main categories of consumers involved in this renewed way of shopping:

Sleepless and impulsive buyers.

We identify a new category of shoppers¬†who spend more and regret it less: they are those who cannot sleep and surf in search of something to “kill” time. Among the most purchased items by this category of users we find: birthday gifts, games for children, video games, small portable household appliances for cleaning the house and equipment for the little ones. According to¬†The Sleep Coach, even if they regretted it, they would not return. In fact, even when items were purchased randomly,¬†only 25% of users sent them back.

Aware buyers.

If it is true that many users buy because they do not fall asleep, well … Even more users do it to complete their customer journey started in the previous days or in the morning. They are those who found out about a product by looking at windows while on their way to work, or who perhaps carried out a desktop search in order to hypothesize a purchase, which they then postponed to the evening. The common denominator is one:¬†the use of a mobile device¬†(smartphone, tablet, laptop) to complete the process. Because of the different purpose of this purchases, we find different product categories in the carts of these consumers: duvet covers, televisions, mobile phones, laptops and freezers.

To sum up, on the one hand we have those who buy out of boredom, on the other hand those who premeditate their purchase and purposely postpone it to the evening. In both cases, the night hours see the concretization of a large number of orders.

A limitless trade

The increase in night shopping highlights the fact that users appreciate the possibility of having shops open 24 hours a day. In this way, in fact, a synchronic relationship is created between the consumer and the online activity: the consumer wants to make a purchase and the store is at his disposal to sell. It is not the subject who has to adapt to the opening hours of the shops, but the shopkeepers themselves, that in order to increase sales, have to develop strategies to keep up with the needs of users. Another reason why customers increasingly prefer online stores is that the difference between virtual commerce and purchase in physical stores is getting smaller, thanks to the ability to provide an immediate customer assistance, very simple returns procedures and short time deliveries.

You have to take advantage from this new need of consumers by providing them with an app that entices them to buy even when they are already under the blanket. And why an app? Because it is the behavior of the users that asks for a tool that is always at hand, fast and intuitive.

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