Why you should develop your mobile app in 2021?

Why you should develop your mobile app in 2021?

MCommerce (or mobile commerce) had an unexpected evolution since the 1990s. From the first experiments of payment via SMS, now we can sell everything through a smartphone, but above all through applications, whose potential are now universally recognized. An app, indeed, is always close to the screen, provides very short loading times, stores user data much more efficiently than a website and has many other advantages

But after all, theories are not enough!

That’s why it can be useful to know some data from the world of mobile, web and apps, to help you become aware that if you do not yet have an application, your store could benefit significantly less than it could.


Have you ever wondered what your customers’ favorite digital tool is? According to the Auditel-Censis report , the smartphone is the most owned device by Italian families in 2019, being the most used one, also, to connect to Internet. From these data stands out user convenience and comfort, which can be effectively satisfied by offering them a mobile service, such as a native app. Provide your users a fast, smart and enjoyable platform is crucial to feeding their desire to come to you for their consumer needs!

Mobile VS Desktop

The traffic generated by smartphones for retailers around the world corresponds on average to 56% of the total (compared to 35% of what is via desktop). This is because users prefer to use an app. Numbers says consumers use mobile apps for 90% of the time they use their phone. This means they prefer to interact with companies through their dedicated services rather than using mobile browsers. Indicative is the fact that 53% of consumers are inclined to make purchases in the specific apps of their preferred companies (rather than from the site), if they had any.

Average value of purchases

It’s easy to imagine that among the reasons that make the smartphone one of the most used tools in our daily life, there is its characteristic of being always close to hand. This element implies that in the decision-making process of a consumer who wants to make a purchase or take a look at his favorite shop, his mobile phone is the most convenient and fast way to do it. A good app that simplifies and speeds up shopping operations with fast loading and a good user experience, motivates users to fill their carts with orders that represent 140% of the average value recorded by mobile sites.

Conversion rate

If you are still not convinced that your consumers NEED an app to encourage them to buy from you, I would like to show you the latest data on average install-conversion rates to-purchase, that is from the moment of the installation of an app to the execution of one or more purchases. 

It is estimated that the conversion rate for Shopping Apps (Nike, Shein, Zara) is 14.7% while that of Brand Apps (Asos, Zalando, Yoox) 13.6%. Even less is the conversion rate of the Marketplace Apps (Amazon, Privalia, Ali Express) that reaches only 6.2%. 

Do you want to know what is the average conversion rate for e-commerce and websites? Well, it does not exceed 5%!

Loading time

Last but not least, it’s the number of consumers you’re giving up for every extra second of loading that your site employs to be ready. 57% of people consider a fast loading a valid cause to leave the idea of buying what they had in mind. Certainly, in this case the time is very subjective and the needs of consumers can be different. Indeed, 30% of consumers wait even 1 or 2 seconds for loading, while 18% expect the page to be ready immediately. Basically, considering that the average loading time for a web page is 2.5 seconds, an app is the best alternative to satisfy this impatient type of consumer who, through a site not exceptionally optimized, could give up their purchase.

Now do you understand why you really need an app? Well, you just have to face one last problem:

How to create it? 🤔

If your store is born on Shopify and you feel ready to consider the option of taking off to land on mobile devices of your customers, I want to propose a useful resource resource that could be for you.

Simply, don’t give up on your customers: an investment today will pay off tomorrow!