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Unlock the power of mobile Apps. No coding required.

Boost revenue and keep your customers coming back with Shoppy, app builder designed for any business selling on Shopify

Chosen by the top Fashion Brands on Shopify

Why an App?

Why have a Mobile App?
Strengthen relationships

Engage your community by sending targeted push notifications, while your competitors are still trying to figure out how to improve the open rate of their newsletters.

Increase Sales

Stronger relationships will lead to more recurring purchases, an increase in your average Lifetime Customer Value, and will give an overall boost to your sales.

Simplify the shopping experience

An optimized checkout and products effectively saved in the cart allow for a simple, quick, and personalized shopping experience.

Shine a spotlight on your brand

Stay ahead of the times and become a model for others to follow. Increase brand awareness by reaching out to customers in the place most convenient to them; their smartphones.

Create to grow. Customized to sell.

It’s not just us who says so,
the numbers do too


Conversion rate


Average cart value



Shoppy helped us create a user-friendly app by providing our customers with a smoother and faster shopping experience

Ignazio Moser | Co-founder QLHYPE

Creation and management

Fast, simple and familiar

Fast, simple creation

Setup is fast and does not require any coding knowledge. Thanks to the Shopify-style builder, configuration is within reach even of less expert users.

Synchronized in real time with Shopify

The app, updated in real time with your Shopify store, automatically offers your catalogs and products, simplifying management.

Updated by our team

Focused on your business and creating high-value relationships with your customers. We’ll take care of your app, updating it quarterly with new technologies.

Hear from those who use Shoppy

Gianmarco @ Pantalón Brand

Shoppy was a huge turning point in terms of brand growth. Our community remained enthusiastic and became increasingly involved.

Luca @ Labo0

We chose Shoppy due to its easy integration with Shopify and its excellent balance of app development costs with services delivered.

Daniele @ Speedd

Perfect App! Great implementation speed, reliable on all devices, and great usability. A MUST HAVE for all companies in the e-commerce space.

How it works?

Your App in 3 easy steps

Install Shoppy

Install Shoppy directly on your Shopify Store

Create your App

Start creating your app with the dedicated support of our team.

App launch

When you are ready, we will publish your app on your stores.

Create your App with Shoppy in 10 days or less.

Book a custom Demo, configure your App with the support of our specialists and try Shoppy for free for 30 days. Reserve your slot now.


Still not sure?

What is Shoppy?

Shoppy is an application which connects to your Shopify store and allows you to create your app quickly and simply.

Can I only use Shoppy if I have a Shopify store?

Exactly, Shoppy is a Shopify Sales Channel and as such only works with this platform. Contact our sales team for integration with other technologies.

Can I cancel if I’m not satisfied?

No problem! You can cancel and request a refund at any time.

How can I integrate Shoppy?

To integrate Shoppy and start creating your app, just install a new Sales Channel on your Shopify Store and add Shoppy.

Do I own the app published on the stores?

Absolutely. The app is your property and will be published on the App Store and Google Play Store by your company.

Who is behind the creation of Shoppy?

Shoppy is a product from Mumble Srl, a tech company based in Italy. We have been developing mobile solutions for major international brands such as Tetrapak, Hermes and the US Department of VA since 2013. Find out more about us here: https://mumbleideas.it/it/