A plan for every need


99 monthly
  • App iOS and Android
  • Shopify Sync
  • Standard Search
  • Wishlist


199 monthly
  • In addition to the Basic features
  • Sorting & Filter by Algolia
  • Notifiche Push
  • Rich notification


499 monthly
  • In addition to the Complete features
  • Notifiche Programmate
  • Multi currency & Multi-language
  • Implementation Specialist


999 monthly
  • In addition to the Advanced features
  • In-app Message
  • Audience segmentation
  • Automation
  • Customer Success
Features Basic Complete Advanced Excellence
iOS & Android App
Home Element
Shopify Sync
One-page check-out
Sorting by Shopify
Explore Section
Filter by Algolia
Multi-locale & Multilanguage
Standard Integration 1 3 Unlimited
Premium Integration Unlimited
Engagement Platform
Push Notification Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rich Notification Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Scheduled Notification Unlimited Unlimited
View Unlimited
Push & in-app Automation Unlimited
Users Segmentation Unlimited
User Guide
e-mail Support
Implementation Specialist
Customer Success
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“App at the edge of perfection! Great speed of execution, reliability on all devices and great usability.”

Daniele Giorgi,  Information Technology Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly, the App has the name of your Brand and will be published on your Apple Store and Google Play.

To upload your iOS App, you have to create your Apple Store, which costs you $99 annually.

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To upload your Android App, you have to create your Google Play, which costs you $25 una tantum.  Follow this article →

Apple Store costs you $99 per year.

Google Play costs you $25 una tantum.

Certo, Shoppy permette di cambiare il piano in qualsiasi momento.

Of course, Shoppy allows you to change your plan anytime. You can do it in your Shoppy dashboard, going to “Settings” > “Plan”.

It is possible to release the new App built with Shoppy as an update of the already existing one. Your actual users will need to update the App already installed on their devices to get the new version.

Shoppy has a monthly cost which differs according to the activated plan. 

The costs for creating an Apple Store and Google Play Store are not included.

The only requirement is to own an active Shopify store.

Currently Shoppy is synchronized with Shopify e-commerce stores only.

Let us know if you need to connect Shoppy with other technologies like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Oracle Commerce Cloud, API-based services (Commercetools, COmmerce Layer etc.).

Yes, you can get a 10% off on the annual bill and a 20% off on the two-year bill, if you choose to pay all at once at the beginning.

Shoppy does not withhold anything from the revenues of the mobile Apps. The only deductions refer to the ones already applied by Shopify.

Shoppy offers many API that allow the team of Shoppy (or your Mobile Team) to customize every single detail of the App.

Give your users a unique mobile experience that they will love