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What’s new in Shoppy: Q2 2022

What’s new in Shoppy since the last update? The answer is: lots of things! Over the past few months, we’ve been working on improving the app and adding a lot of useful features. You can target even more your push notifications, allow the recurring purchase, add notes at checkout: keep reading the article to discover all the news!

Klaviyo 👥

Klavyio is coming to Shoppy! By activating the integration, from today, you can use the audience already created on Klavyio to send your push notifications to a specific target. 
All you have to do is configure the integration and Shoppy will do the rest. You will find the list of Klavyio audiences in the “Engage” tab when creating a new push notification.

Recharge 🛍

Thanks to the Recharge integration you can allow your users to buy products on a recurring basis. Configure how often to deliver your products and any discounts in case they are bought with this method. Your choices will be automatically synced to your online shop and your Shoppy App.

Related products 🛒

You can choose to display related products directly on a product page in your Shoppy App. Related products are automatically selected by Shopify based on purchases and user behavior in your shop. You can see more about how related products are chosen here

Widget and media size 📏

Would you like not to choose a preset aspect ratio but to use the size you prefer? From now on you can! We added a new option: you won’t be forced to choose the preset aspect ratio anymore, but you can decide to show the images in their original size.

Improved 'Single product' widget 🚀

The widgets available on Shoppy are already many and, in each release, we are committed to improving them and make them more customizable! With this new update, inserting the “Single Product” widget will no longer show the first product of the selected collection, but you can select the precise product to display. Do you have a flagship product? Now you have the opportunity to highlight it and exploit all its potential.

Notes in checkout 📄

You can allow your users to add notes to their purchases during checkout. You can use the notes to collect special information on how to prepare or ship your order.

UX/UI improvements 🖌

Your Shoppy Apps are constantly improving, so we’ve made small, but important, improvements to the UX/UI across the app. One of the important revisitations is related to the form ‘Insert address’. The checkout time is the most important time for a store, because if it turns out to be long or complicated the user could leave the cart without completing the purchase. We have simplified and made the form more intuitive, so as to avoid this frequent problem. 

Cosa aspetti? Inizia subito a creare l’app mobile del tuo store Shopify con il supporto del nostro team italiano!