How the design of your app enhances your customer’s experience

How the design of your app enhances your customer’s experience

Have you ever wondered how the choice of layout and design can affect your consumers’ decision-making processes?

Today the main concern for the actors of the Ecommerce and Mobile Commerce world is reach users in a more direct way. While they try to do that, however, they consider almost exclusively numbers, data, statistics that show results, regardless of what led to their realization. The composition of website and app are crucial to transform your users in actual customers. Therefore an interface, an experience badly made can make you lose a ton of customers.

In fact despite the constant increase in mobile users, the growth of purchases from these devices is not proportional. Why? An important element is that many brands often neglect the importance of furniture in their strategy.

If you think to fall into the category of merchant just described, this article is just the thing for you! Read it to find out how the visual component has become part of the business studies and how UI (and UX) are influencing your customers more than you imagine.

Let’s take a look at some best practices to make the shopping experience better for your customers and, consequently, increase sales.

Categories on the home page

The first advice that I want to give you is: add the main categories to your homepage. This ensures that those are immediately visible and then can be found more easily by customers. The result will be an increase in conversions and conversion rates. In particular, there was an increase of 7% in conversions and 8% in conversion rate.

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Search bar on home page

First of all, let me tell you something important: the people that use the search bar are the ones most likely to buy, precisely because they are looking for something in particular.
By adding the search bar on home page, so, you can imagine the result. It’s the A/B testing that generated the largest increase in conversions. Sales increased by 15% and conversions by 11%.¬†

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Images on the hamburger menu

Continuing with the aim of simplifying and improving navigation, adding images of the categories within the menu burger (the classic with 3 lines ‚ėį) is a very effective idea. For example, the brand Calzedonia France tried to remove the images from the menu and analyzed a decrease of 5.45% of the conversion rate.

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Description of products

Are you sure that customer just want to ‘see’ the product? When it comes to mobile purchases, it is not possible to touch the products, therefore, in addition to clear and quality images, the¬†description also plays a very important role.

According to a test carried out on Tezenis it has been shown that by making the description always visible, not having to make any click to show it, the conversions have increased by 3%.

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No unexpected surprises in the cart

Do you know how many users finish their shopping process without finalizing the purchase? It’s¬†82%¬†of users! One of the main reasons is that the user¬†does not like to receive surprises¬†and very often at checkout may appear some information that the user was not aware of, for example, unspecified charges or other logos.

With the Tezenis brand, for example, a test was carried out in which a safety mark was inserted in the shopping cart, which users had never seen during the entire purchase process, this decreased conversions by 1%.

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In conclusion

These are some tips I wanted to give you to make your profits increase, thanks to the greater number of users who buy from mobile. These examples helped make you understand how a good UI can improve the UX for your users and their perception of your brand. Studying the content is the first step: to present them well is what makes the difference!

I want to leave you with this last¬†fun fact:¬†your own brand¬†is like an image¬†in the mind of every consumer. Each one of them probably will see a different image because during the processing of information, come into play his memories, his experiences and what struck him more than you. Nevertheless, all their visions will take shape from a common “draft”: the message that you communicate to them.

What they see when they approach with your business is confusing? Their image of you will be something negative. But, if what they see is simple, effective and functional, they will remember you with pleasure and they will surely turn to you when they need it.

In conclusion, it is not just a matter of appearance and beauty, but above all, it’s experience. Take the best path to growth, simplify the purchasing process for your users and develop your best success strategy.¬† ūüėČ