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The Brand

Pantalón Brand is an Italian streetwear brand specialized in oversize style. The brand takes inspiration from te street culture
and the contemporary tendencies. The brand objective is to promote personality and stimulate people creativity, encouraging them
to choose unique or limited clothes.

Fashion & Apparel


April 2021

The Challenge

Pantalón Brand lays its foundations on relations and interactions, in fact every day the brand unveils some behind-the-scenes facts, engaging with its community on social media.

The brand is very present on Tik Tok where it acquires new customers, so much that it looks like that this social network may be completely in line with the brand identity: young, stylish and creative. Gianmarco Losito, the brand founder, identified the necessity to make these bonds stronger by engaging its supporters. This objective can be achieved through exclusive discounts, preview releases and even more fluid purchase modes.

The solution

Gianmarco understood that the missing piece to reach this objective was a customized mobile app. Because of his age there were some barriers for him like limited skills or low economic resources. His grit and determination were such a help but the turning point was the discovery of the perfect solution: Shoppy and its team could customize the app in no time, with reduced effort and limited budget. Now the brand has a new channel through which it can engage with the community and also new credibility thanks to an innovative service.

Shoppy represented a breakthrough for the brand growth. The community was thrilled and even more engaged. If we needed to describe the Shoppy team in three words, those would be: quick, professional and super innovative. We are 100% satisfied and congratulations to all the collaborators.

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+ 140% average order value

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