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Learn how Pink Babol simplified mobile purchases with a responsive and fluid app.




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The Brand

Pink Babol is a young brand that offers female clothes and accessories. It’s a very active brand on social media: Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok

Fashion & Apparel


January 2021

The Challenge

Pink Babol offers products in the fashion industry so the brand wishes to be in tune with the times. Because the attention to the customer is key for the brand, it started first by creating the e-commerce website then implementing payment by instalments. However Pink Babol knew that something more was needed to make the purchase process more streamlined and captivating. Also the brand is growing and in need to build a strong image in new customers’ mind.

The solution

Pink Babol was searching for innovation and fortification of the brand identity. In a fully digital world the best solution was a perfect integration between mobile app and customization, something that Shoppy made possible: the quick app customization allowed to offer to Pink Babol customers a new purchase experience while, also, fortifying the brand image. Without the Shoppy support this would have been translated in a significant time and effort investment.

Never stop improving themselves. We are always searching for novelties and innovations for our Brand. It seems like a sentence made but it’s not like that. We are very satisfied to have developed our app with Shoppy. Thanks to shoppy we managed to create a high conversion app in no time and with the maximum assistance of the team.

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+ 140% average order value

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