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Learn how Saveone consolidated its Brand Awareness while increasing the average cart value




Average order valure increase


Purchases from mobile app


The Brand

Saveone proposes clothes for any occasion combining made in Italy quality and the convenience of the short chain. This phrase encloses the values and the visions of this young and growing Brand, more and more loved and appreciated by its customers.

Every clothes are refined and high quality, they are also born and designed in Italy. The raw materials, models and craftsmen that create those clothes are the prime proof of it. Thanks to the short chain Saveone can nullify intermediate steps by bringing each product from the manufacturer to the final customer while, also, maintaining reasonable prices.

Fashion & Apparel


September 2021

The Challenge

Saveone is an ambitious reality that, year by year, grows and improves while investing with no fear.

Saveone truly believes in communication, and also thinks that it’s an essential tool to communicate and be in harmony with people and tell the brand’s story.

Saveone uses influencer marketing strategies and social network to gain customers. However creating a mobile app for the brand would have allowed Saveone to create strong and lasting relations with its Customers while offering a much faster, fluid and personal mobile experience.

The solution

Saveone relied on Shoppy for creating the mobile App and also found in it a willing, competent and reliable partner.

Thanks to the Shoppy team support the App has was created in just 2 days. Whereas an app like Saveone’s could need over 6 months of development and investments starting from 40K €, Shoppy allowed to speed up the time-to-market while containing the investment.

Saveone, so, has strengthened its Brand identity while increasing the average cart value.

I think that Shoppy is the best solution for Saveone because it can consolidate our brand awareness and minimizes managements costs for a mobile app while maximizing the profit. This allowed to increase significantly the average cart value.

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