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The Brand

SPEEDD is a Shopify Plus store that offer fantastic products at competitive prices. It’s a dynamic and young company that tries to evolve day by day by differentiating its approach with products, services and customers. SPEEDD strengths are an italian warehouse, quick deliveries and 24/7 customer assistance. SPEEDD fulfils over 100000 customers in Europe.

Fashion & Apparel


March 2021

The Challenge

2020 was a year of great changes that led to big news and ambitious projects. One of these was the will to create the first SPEEDD community, guided by the brand values and vision. SPEEDD team then needed to identify a new way to engage and communicate with the community. Social media could were not fitted for the task as they couldn’t create direct personal and exclusive bond as SPEEDD wanted.

The solution

SPEEDD identified the mobile app as the best tool to engage with its community and to create a direct communication channel. SPEEDD also found Shoppy as a reliable partner, that permitted to create a customized App tailored on SPEEDD needs. Also thanks to multi-language and multi-currency support the brand managed to create an app available in different languages (De, En, Spn, Fr, It) and currencies (EUR and USD), that is required to satisfy the over 10000 European customers.

The app is near perfect! It has great speed and its reliable and easy to use on any device. Also the customer service is always attentive to customers reports and willing to improve the app. This is a MUST HAVE app if you’re serious about e-commerce.

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+ 140% average order value

+27% average order value

+83% customer rate with repeat purchases

40% purchases from mobile app