How Pink Babol simplified mobile purchases with a fluid and responsive app.


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January 2021


The Brand

Pink Babol is a young brand offering clothing and accessories in the women’s fashion sector. It is a brand that is particularly active on social media channels: Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok.

The Challenge

Pink Babol offers products in the fashion sector, so they like to keep up with the times. Customer satisfaction has always come first for the brand. They initially tried to get closer to their customers by creating an e-commerce site, then offering customers the option to pay in installments. Nevertheless, they realized that there was something missing in order to make the purchase process smoother and more engaging for potential customers. Pink Babol is also a growing brand, and needs to build a strong, structured front-of-mind image in its new customers.


The Solution

Pink Babol was looking for novelty, innovation and the strengthening of their brand identity. In an ever-increasingly digital world, the best solution was perfect integration between the mobile app and customization, made possible thanks to Shoppy: the rapid customization of its mobile app allowed Pink Babol to offer its customers an innovative purchasing experience, while at the same time strengthening its brand image. Without the support of Shoppy, this would have translated into considerable effort in terms of commitment and investment.

Never stop improving. We are always looking for new features and innovations for our brand. It sounds like a catchphrase, but that’s the way it is. We are very happy to have developed our app with Shoppy. Thanks to Shoppy, we were able to develop a high-conversion app in a very short timeframe and with the highest levels of support from their team.


Pink Babol Founder