How Speedd got its community involved and engaged through exclusive content and launch previews.


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Fashion & Apparel


Vicenza, northern Italy


March 2021


The Brand

Speedd is a Shopify Plus store which offers fantastic products at competitive prices. It is a young and dynamic company, which aims to evolve each and every day by differentiating its product, service and customer approach. An Italian warehouse, fast deliveries and 24/7 support are its strengths, allowing it to satisfy over 100,000 customers across Europe.

The Challenge

A lot of changes were seen in 2020, a year which brought major news and ambitious projects. Among these was the creation of the first SPEEDD Community, which does not limit itself to wearing the brand’s products, but also shares its values and vision. With this goal clear in their minds, the SPEEDD team needed to identify a new way to communicate and get its community involved. Through social media, they would not have managed to create the direct, personal and exclusive links they wanted to guarantee to their community.


The Solution

SPEEDD identified a mobile app as being the ideal tool to get its community involved and create a personal communication channel. Shoppy is a reliable partner which allowed it to customize its app to meet our needs. What’s more, thanks to the multi-countries support, we were able to create an app available in different languages (Ger, Eng, Spn, Fr, It) and currencies (EUR and USD), required to satisfy our 100,000+ customers all over Europe.

Perfect App! Great execution speed, reliable on all devices, and great usability. Not to mention the customer service team that is always ready to make improvements, taking client reports into account. A MUST HAVE app for those who do real e-commerce.

Daniele Giorgi

Speedd Founder