Welcome to Shoppy 3.0

Create the mobile app for your Shopify store strong just got even easier !

Thanks to the new Sales Channel you can get your custom app without any technical expertise, simply add Shoppy to your Shopify store and start setting up your app!

We have also improved the user experience of the configurator and added great new features to enable you to create the perfect application.

Goodbye private app, welcome Sales Channel!

The previous version of Shoppy required the creation of a private app in order to function properly. Thanks to the Sales Channel this is just an old memory!

The App release process thus becomes even faster, and the Shoppy team will be able to create your App without any other steps or demands towards Merchants.

All you need to do is install Shoppy as a Sales Channel, and your app will immediately sync with your Shopify store. You don’t need any technical expertise; all your collections and products will be immediately available without any eff

A new builder for your home, even simpler and more intuitive.

The homepage of your application is one of the key elements for success. This is the first screen seen by potential customers, which introduces them to the brand and encourages them to take their first actions.

To help you better build this very important business card, we have completely revamped and simplified the homepage builder.


Choose the widgets that best suit your brand and what you want to communicate from an ever-expanding library. Add to the home your collections or products organized in a grid, show images, external links or even videos. Each Widget is highly customizable and you can rearrange your homepage easily by drag & drop.

Live preview

Discover the look of your application in real time! Now you can see the changes you are making to your live app in the preview on the right.

Rearrange widgets, change colors, text, and icons, and discover your new design now. You will no longer need the app installed on your phone, you will only need the Shoppy dashboard.

Option Layout: new customization variations to make your App even more personal.

Customize the behavior and design of your app directly from the Shoppy dashboard. Thanks to the brand new Option Layouts then make your app Shoppy exactly the way you want it.

You can choose the display layout of your Shoppy app’s Catalog page, wishlist, and shopping cart. You can also choose how the app behaves when a product is added to the cart: it either accompanies the user to checkout or displays a simple banner, just a click away!

100% improved performance

No one likes to wait, especially using an app. That’s why we have improved application performance, and thanks to the new Sales Channel using your application will be faster than ever.

Compared with the previous version of Shoppy, the time required for the first startup is reduced from 6 seconds to 3 seconds, while product loadings are reduced by 1 second We are talking about a 100% performance gain! It will be even more pleasant and faster for your customers to shop on your Shoppy app.

Extend the functionality of your App through integration with Apps in the Shopify ecosystem.

In the new “Integrations” section you can see all the integrations available for your Shoppy App, divided by category. You can enable any integration easily by entering the data to link the service to your Shoppy app.

Do you want, for example, to include support through Whatsapp in your application? Just enter the phone number to be contacted and you’re done. Don’t find an integration you could use? Check out our Development Roadmap here or suggest it to us by writing! We hope to build tomorrow’s Shoppy together with you!