What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2023

We are starting the year off strong with the first Shoppy update of 2023! Feedback from our customers and partners is helping Shoppy evolve by adapting to the unique needs and desires of each store.

Keep reading to learn about the newly launched features or tell us what you would like to see next on our Roadmap!

New Widget: "Promo Banner"

Thanks to the new “Promo Banner” widget, Shoppy admins are now able to insert a dynamic banner that catches the attention of their customers. The Promo Banner can be used to let customers know about promotions, launches, and discounts.

Tailor your content by setting colors and text that best suit your brand, and animate it to make your app more interactive and eye-catching.

Klarna and Scalapay: Buy Now, Pay Later options available on your app

Activate Klarna and Scalapay and remind your customers about the installment plan option at key touchpoints during their shopping experience. This option is now displayed in the product page, shopping cart, and checkout. This feature automatically calculates the amount of each installment.

The banner design in Shoppy strictly follows the graphic and policy guidelines provided by Klarna and Scalapay, so the banners will not be modifiable from your admin dashboard

Customize everything, even the "Fast Buy" button

Now it’s possible to personalize the “Fast Buy” feature directly from your Shoppy Admin If you choose to enable this feature, you can customize the color and content of your calls to action (CTAs), testing different copy and evaulating your audience’s response.

However, if your brand prefers not to utilize the Fast Buy option, you can easily choose to conceal it.

Personalized Images

Now you can customize the images and titles of the Collections you upload to your app to achieve a more original look and feel. Show off your brand’s unique identity with Shoppy’s multitude of style options, creating an app that best represents you.

Increase the activation rate of your push notifications with the "Dynamic Push Prompt-In" feature.

Push notifications are a very powerful tool for your marketing team to take advantage of, as it allows them to interact and communicate with your fanbase on a more personal level. Of course, it’s important that users agree to receive push notifications.

To improve the activation rate of your notifications, we have added the ability to customize the content of the prompt-in that the users must consent to. This way, you can choose the right words and phrases based on your target audience.

Redesign of Widget Software

Although you may not see this improvement just yet, it is setting the technological foundation for you to be able to evolve and customize your app’s widgets more and more. Thus, this update paves the way for future integrations that we will develop and widgets that will be released in upcoming quarters.

Curious? What would you think if I said “Scheduled Widget”? 😜

New default audience option, "Shoppy User" on your Shopify Admin

With this integration, available by default on all stores, Shoppy will automatically tag users who register (or log in) on your app.

You will find the “Shopper Users” audience among your Shopify audiences. Your marketing team can access this information and seamlessly use it for communications or activities (e.g., newsletters) with your audience.