What's new in Shoppy | Q1 2024

What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2024

In these months, customer dialogue has been crucial to evolve Shoppy. Here are the improvements made in Q1 2024 to help you achieve your goals.🎯


Circular widget

Discover our collections and products using our circular widget: a seamless flow, providing an experience reminiscent of your favorite social networks!



Create a sense of urgency around the launch of new products or special offers with our brand new countdown widget. Once the countdown is over, users can instantly view the latest updates directly on the app in real-time! Don’t miss out—stay tuned for the exciting reveal! 🚀


Slider widget

Explore at your own pace with our new slider widget: a seamless sequence of products awaits you for a fully immersive shopping experience like no other. Dive in and discover endless possibilities! 🛍️


Scheduled widget

Program the release of widgets in your app! Define the day and time of publication and removal from the homepage to keep the content always fresh and relevant.


AI at your Push's service!

With Shoppy, your notifications evolve with AI, adapting message and tone for effective and personalized communication. Maximum impact with minimal effort


Tailor every aspect with Shoppy

Stand out with unique details and highlight your brand identity like never before! Now, you can define borders, angles, and margins, customizing them to the pixel.


Widget by country

Personalize Shoppy’s homepage based on Shopify Country! Choose which widgets to display according to location, and tailor communications and promotions based on each nation’s commercial calendars


Back in stock

Explore the most wanted products with Shoppy’s Back in Stock feature. Keep track of requests when items are out of stock and reorder to satisfy your customers. Available on all plans, from Seed to Bloom