What’s new in Shoppy: Q3 2023

The last few months we have been working hard to release spacey and unique updates to make your business fly even higher! 🚀

Supercharged Engagement with Flow Notifications

Thanks to “Flow Notifications” you will have the opportunity to make your customer enter a flow of notifications that will allow you to increase engagement, involving them more and more in your shop’s offers and initiatives!

Triggers that will get the user into the “flow” are for example “first access to the App,” “abandoned cart,” “unfinished checkout.” ..Engage your buyers even more, ACTIVATE FLOW NOTIFICATION!

Straight to the point with Destination

With destination, shopping becomes even faster! In fact, by clicking on the Notification that arrives on your customer’s smartphone, they will be directed directly to the relevant page, without going through the HOME PAGE.

Thus allowing you to get straight to the point, avoiding that the customer is discouraged to conclude the purchase.

Enhance push notifications with Segmentation:

Now in addition to scheduling your Push Notifications in advance, you will be able to make sure that the audiences receiving them are segmented based on buying behaviors and more!

With segmentation you will be able to personalize and maximize your audience’s mobile experience.

Subscription to your Newsletter from your app

When registering and/or setting it as a widget within the Homepage, your customers will have the option of Subscribing to your Newsletter.

You will be able to keep your users informed and updated, with all the news related to your store, directly from your app!

Now it is impossible to get size wrong with Kiwi size chart and Recommender

The new integration, will allow your customer to have no doubts about their purchase, they will feel like they are in the store!

Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender, accompanies shoppers in size selection through charts and recommendations.

...And that's not all of it!

Other updates designed this summer will include:

  • Shopify tag filters which allows you to manage filters that are visible to the user when searching for the product
  • Google Maps, Within Shoppy now also google maps is integrated, so your customers can find you more easily!
  • Hide Out of stock product, you will now be able to hide products that are out of stock, instead of just reporting it under the individual item