What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2022

Say goodbye to the year in beauty! With this latest Shoppy update for 2022, your customers can count on an even more convenient and advanced app that you can customize even more. Leave your mark in the world of shopping and get ready for a lot of surprises in 2023!

Fly overseas with Multi-Country support

Selling around the world can be really hard. Between exchange rates and shipment management, it is essential to rely on a tool that can simplify your life. Shoppy Bloom customers can now leverage Multi-Country sales with Shopify Markets. Set it up in your Shopify store and the app will display your products in the correct currency. Make your brand international, and push yourself overseas!

Custom filters with Shopify Search & Discovery

Can’t your customers find the perfect product? Would you like to help them navigate a collection? The power of Shopify Search & Discovery makes filtering products quick and easy. Add the free app from the Shopify App Store and create the perfect filters for your users. Your Shoppy App will show them in real time in the collections pages, simplifying the lives of your customers.

Your app is even more… yours!

We listen carefully to customer feedback and we use it to make Shoppy Apps more enjoyable and customizable every day. Do you want to hide the notification center? You can do it now! Do you wish to configure the size of the images on the product cards? Even here, no problem!

A better Sales Channel

We’ve refined the Sales Channel to perfection making it even easier and more rewarding to customize your app. The UI has been polished and we have increased the responsiveness of the Home Builder. Also, we’ve added new customizations and optimizations to the Home Widgets. Creating your digital showcase is even easier and more fulfilling!

We’ve also fixed all the reported bugs (and someone we also found 😉) and improved the synchronization between store and Shoppy.