What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2023

We’ve been on a roll the past few months, cooking up some cool and quirky updates to take your business to new heights. Get ready for a fun ride! 🚀

Shoppy's Next-Level Personalization

Revolutionizing Homepage Personalization: Shoppy’s Latest Widget Customization Updates At Shoppy, we’re continually pushing the envelope to ensure your e-commerce experience is as personalized as possible. In addition to the advanced customization options now available for every widget on the homepage, we’re excited to announce that this is just the beginning. Our commitment to personalization extends beyond the current offerings. In the upcoming quarter, look forward to new widgets and even more advanced customization options, all designed to make your app as unique as your brand.

Dynamic Display: Our New Image Carousel Widget

To make your online store more dynamic and engaging, we’ve introduced a new Image Carousel Widget. This feature enables merchants to upload a carousel of images, which can be linked to desired sections such as collections, products, special offers, pages, or the shopping cart. It’s an exciting way to showcase your offerings and guide customers through your store’s journey.

Thus allowing you to get straight to the point, avoiding that the customer is discouraged to conclude the purchase.

Show, Don't Tell: Add Videos to Boost Product Pages!

Videos on Product Pages: Enhancing product pages, we now support video content directly within the product detail page (PdP) of your Shopify store. This feature allows for a richer, more immersive product showcase, enabling customers to see your products in action.

Instant Focus: Optimize App Navigation for Easy Access!

With user experience in mind, we’ve optimized app navigation. Click the star icon to set the default landing page for users when they open your app. This feature ensures that your customers are immediately directed to your most important content, enhancing user engagement

Elevate Your Product Reviews with Feedaty Integration!

In our commitment to building trust and transparency, we’ve integrated Feedaty for product reviews. This allows for genuine customer feedback to be seamlessly displayed on your product pages. For more details on this integration, visit Feedaty’s website

Shoppy's Smart Segmentation for Super Push Notifications!

Shoppy’s latest integration with Shopify Customer Segmentation unlocks a powerful new capability for our clients: targeted push notifications. This innovative feature allows you to segment your audience with precision, ensuring that your push notifications reach the right customers at the right time. By leveraging Shopify’s robust customer segmentation tools, you can create tailored messaging campaigns that resonate more deeply with your audience, driving engagement