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Discover the power of mobile Apps.

Enhance customer retention, drive recurring revenue, and increase sales with Shoppy, a mobile app builder designed for brands and retailers selling on Shopify.

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Creating a mobile app requires a singificant knowledge of coding, big budgets and long wait times. Unless you use Shoppy. 


Why have a Mobile App?

Sell more. Sell everywhere.

Make shopping easier

Fast checkout and products stored in the cart allow for a simple, fast, personalized shopping experience.

Put the spotlight on your brand

Become an inspiration: increase the awareness of your brand and remain impressed in the minds of your customers. On their smartphone, you will always be just a tap away.

Strengthen relationships

Have you ever wondered why you can’t engage and explode your community?

Do this by sending push notifications while your competitors try to figure out how to improve the open rate of their newsletters.

Why have a Mobile App?

Sell more. Sell everywhere.


Boost e-commerce sales with push notifications! Engage directly, increase conversions, and build customer loyalty.


Keep your customers returning with exclusive content, early access to new products, and exclusive promotional offers.


Increase advance rates to the next step in the purchase process trough a smooth and faster mobile app.
The best solution for Saveone, maximize profit and increase average cart value.

Valerio Bartolo

CEO @ Saveone

Create to grow. Customized to sell.

It’s not just us who says so, the numbers do too


Conversion rate


Average cart value



Much more than just a platform

Experts ready to help

At Shoppy, we know how demanding it can be to create a successful mobile app on your own. That’s why we provide you with a team of dedicated professionals who will support you through every phase of the project:

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How it works

Shoppy’s team will guide you through each phase of the project: from creation of the stores and app setup, through to publication on the digital stores. We are only able to support a maximum of ten brands per month with this level of service, and as such we will only select the best brands which apply. Inquire about availability and reserve your slot now

Reserve your slot

Book your slot and find out if there is availability for the upcoming month.

Create your app

Start creating your app with the dedicated support of our team.

Publish on the digital stores

When you are ready, we will publish your app on your stores.

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Still not sure?

What is Shoppy?

Shoppy is an application which connects to your Shopify store and allows you to create your app quickly and simply.

Can I only use Shoppy if I have a Shopify store?

Exactly, Shoppy is a Shopify Sales Channel and as such only works with this platform. Contact our sales team for integration with other technologies.

Can I cancel if I’m not satisfied?

No problem! You can cancel and request a refund at any time.

How can I integrate Shoppy?

To integrate Shoppy and start creating your app, just install a new Sales Channel on your Shopify Store and add Shoppy.

Do I own the app published on the stores?

Absolutely. The app is your property and will be published on the App Store and Google Play Store by your company.

Who is behind the creation of Shoppy?
Shoppy is a product from Mumble Srl, a tech company based in Italy. We have been developing mobile solutions for major international brands such as Tetrapak, Hermes and the US Department of VA since 2013. Find out more about us here: