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Simplify the purchase flow from mobile and engage your Customers with push notifications while increasing your sales.

Success Stories

“This is the best solution for Saveone as it maximizes profits and rises the average order value”

Loved by the most popular and quick-growing Brands of Shopify.

Create relations with your fanbase

Engage your community and create authentic relationships with exclusive contents, previews, and reseved discounts

Deliver the best mobile experience

Simplify your customers’ mobile shopping with a fast and responsive mobile app

Rise the credibility of your Brand

Increase the awareness and credibility towards your brand with an innovative and modern solution

Created in a few minutes. Synchronized in real-time with your Shopify store.

Your Shopify store Products, Collections and Settings are synchronized with your native app. You can also customize the design easily with our simplified configurator.

Integrated with the Shopify Apps that you love the most

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Conversion rate

Mobile apps’ conversion rate is usually 3 times the one from a website.

+ 140%

Average Order Value

Mobile apps’ Average Order Value is usually 140% of a web one.



Did you know that mobile apps’ conversion rate is 3 times the one from a website?

A flexible plan, suitable for every need

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Prova gratis 30 giorni


110 $ / monthly

Perfect for small companies who want to grow and are looking for slim, easy solutions.


225 $ / monthly

Perfect for growing brands who want to build customers loyalty by encouraging repeat purchases.


565 $ / monthly

Perfect for structured brands looking for flexibility and extreme personalization.


90 $ / monthly

Billed 1.320$ 1.080$ per yearly

Perfect for small companies who want to grow and are looking for slim, easy solutions.


190 $ / monthly

Billed 2.700$ 2.280$ per yearly

Perfect for growing brands who want to build customers loyalty by encouraging repeat purchases.  


475 $ / monthly

Billed 6.780$ 5.700$ per yearly

Perfect for structured brands looking for flexibility and extreme personalization. 

Shoppy is an as-a-service solution, defined by a flexible price that changes regarding the needs of your business or on your growth level. However we reserved also a plan for the most ambitious brands that want completely customized integrations and design.   Contact us 

Don’t just take our word for it

Are you still doubtful?

What is Shoppy?

Shoppy is an application that links to your Shopify store and allows you to create your app quickly and easily.

Can I use Shoppy only if I have a Shopify store?
Yes, it is correct. Shoppy is a Shopify Sales Channel and because of that it works only on this platform. Contact our sales team to integrate Shoppy with other technologies.
If I am not satisfied, can I cancel the subscription?
Absolutely no worries! You can cancel your subscription and ask for refund at any time.
How can I integrate Shoppy?
To integrate Shoppy and so, to create your app, you just need to install a new Sales Channel on your Shopify store and add Shoppy to it.
Do I have the ownership of the released app?
Absolutely yes. You’ll have full ownership of the app and it will be released on App Store and Google Play Store by your company.
Who’s behind Shoppy?
Shoppy is property off Mumble Srl, a technology company headquartered in Italy. Since 2013 we develop mobile solutions for internationally renowned brands like Tetrapak, Hermes and the US Department of VA. Learn more about us by clicking here:

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