Turn your Shopify store into a mobile App

Ease the purchasing process of your customers with a professional mobile app.

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Install Shoppy and build your app in a few clicks. It will take a few minutes.

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Customize your theme and make your App modern and stylish with your brand colors and concepts.

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Follow our tips to build a community and grow your business.


Build your App in the blink of an eye

Design your Home Page, sort the Collections and personalize the theme with the elements of your brand. It is super easy and will take you less than a minute.

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Personalize the theme of your App with colors, icons and images. Give it an unmistakable look: your brand’s.

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Home page

Configure the Home Page of your App with your products and Collections. No limit.

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Ease the purchasing process in-App by sorting and putting your Collections together.


Engage your users with an asset of yours

Shoppy provides you with a series of tools to engage your users, grow your community and boost your sales easily and steadily. No worries, we will give you the assets to take the most out of those tools and become an e-commerce expert.

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Push Notification

Send, plan or automatize the push notifications and engage your users as never before.

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App & Cross-sell

Use the in-App Messages to boost the up-selling and cross-selling.

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Abandoned cart

Alert your users with a push when they leave the cart full and improve your conversion rates.


Create exclusive contents

Tell the story behind your Brand and engage your users with exclusive contents for them: they will never forget about you.


The ultimate guide to compare native, web and hybrid Apps

What are the diverse development technologies that can be used to create a mobile App and how to choose the most suitable to your needs.

Give your users a unique mobile experience that they will love