What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2021

The evolution of e-commerce goes through Shoppy! Learn about all the new features and updates that will make your Shopify store mobile app even more interactive and enjoyable for your customers. 

Notifications center

Don’t let your customers risk missing an important Push Notification, such as an exclusive discount or your Brand’s news!

We have included a Notification Center in our Shoppy Apps, which will allow your Customer to consult Push Notifications sent by your Brand whenever they want.

Custom Notifications

Finally, you will have the ability to talk directly with your Customers through Push Notifications.

You will simply enter the string @username in the text of the Notification and, once sent, it will be replaced with the name of the user who is using the app.
You could, for example, use this text to communicate new discounts in your store, “Hey @username, new discounts have arrived, open the app and find out!” which will turn into “Hey Anna, new discounts have arrived, open the app and find out!”

Create Push Notifications from Sales Channel

Now you can create push notifications to send to all users of your app directly from the Shoppy Dashboard. You can use them to communicate promotions or events in your shop or simply show how much you care. This is one of the best ways to retain your community and create lasting relationships with your customers.

Manage your categories from the Sales Channel

We have updated the Catalog page in the Design tab to make it easier to use. No longer will all store collections be automatically imported into the list, but they will have to be added, just as is the case with the homepage. This will allow you to enter a collection twice or more if it is to appear, for example, in multiple subcategories.

Theme preview in real time

The new Theme page preview is now interactive and shows any changes made in real time. You’ll be able to navigate through the application’s tabs to preview the layout styles you choose, or how the login and registration views change by changing the image you choose. Any changes you make will be reflected in the preview without having to have another device to check them.

New layout style for the catalog page

We have added a new catalog display mode. Main categories can now be displayed with large cards, with the square image on the left; while subcategories will be displayed in a list with the image on the right and the collection name on the left.

Create News from Sales Channel

Do you feel like telling your Customers about your Brand’s story, news and more? From today you can do so through the new “News” section.

Enter content, add images and publish your news. Do you have a predetermined date for it to come out? Nessun problema, puoi programmare la tua news.

Finally, manage all news from our Sales Channel: create, edit, and select audiences for each news item!

New Integration: Shopify Product Reviews

We have added integration with the official Shopify app to Shoppy for entering product reviews. Reviews left by users will now be shown on the product page of your Shoppy App, and users can enter new ones directly from the app.

What are you waiting for? Start building your Shopify store mobile app now with the support of our Italian team!