Shoppy VS Shopney

Shoppy VS Shopney

Are you ready to boost the relationship with your customers? Maybe you have just decided to make a Mobile App for this reason or to increase sales? Maybe you want to make the sale process from mobile devices easier and smoother?

These are valid reasons to wish to create your Mobile App but, maybe, you already knew this. Also if you’re reading this article it means that you have an innovative brand, very aware for trends.

Now let’s see 2 valid alternatives that will simplify the app creation process: Shoppy and Shopney.

Both services have strengths and weaknesses, that’s why we’re going to analyze every element, so you’ll be able to take the better decision for your business. Let’s go checking:

  • Mobile App Design
  • Support
  • Available integrations
  • Easiness to use through admin console
  • Pricing

Mobile App Design

Results: Shoppy wins 10 to 4


Is it just a matter of design? Absolutely NO! Menu impacts significantly even the User Experience. Efficiency, visibility and accessibility are very important values that distinguish a tab-bar menu from a hamburger menu (☰). The first (the tab-bar) is proposed by Shoppy and it’s the best choice because:

  1. It show all the sections to the users without needing customers to open the menu every time, like it happens with the hamburger menu proposed by Shopney.
  2. The tab-bar is also perfectly fitted for any screen size, contrary to hamburger menu.


Both with Shoppy and Shopney is really easy to customize the mobile app. They user a drag&drop system and every adjustment made from the dashboard will be shown in real-time. Home page of your app can be customized with whatever widget you prefer, there’s no limit to imagination! Well… There are some of them. With Shopney base plan you can only use up to 7 widgets, with Shoppy you can add up to 8. The middle plan includes 18 widgets for Shoppy and 20 for Shopney while all the other plans don’t have widgets limit. This isn’t over, though. Shoppy allows you to customize other app views like the catalog, wishlist or cart. If your target is to customize the app in the smallest details, Shoppy wins.

Push Notifications

Tese are essential! Do not miss the opportunity to engage users through push notifications, they are one of the most important added values of having a Mobile App. Both with Shoppy and Shopney there’s not limit in  the number of push notifications that can be sent. Still there are some element to consider while talking of Push Notifications.

  1. Rich Notification: it’s the possibility to add, for example, images inside notifications. It is possible to do that both with Shoppy and Shopney.
  2. Scheduled notifications: in a world that fills us with news and information, the best way to make users pay attention to us is to communicate with them at the best time. That’s why it’s important to shedule notifications. You’re able to do that both with Shoppy and Shopney.
  3. User Segmentation: with both services you can schedule notifications but only Shoppy permits you to show to your users targeted contents. Thanks to the segmentation you’ll be able to divide customers by demographic information and interests.
  4. Customized push notifications: also in this case this feature is present only with Shoppy. Send interesting contents to your users, schedule them and also add their name. This will make your customers feel important.
  5. Automation: that’s the last, but not least, push notification feature. With Shopney you can only send “abandoned cart” push notifications, Shoppy instead lets you send notifications based to users’ behaviors like after some days of inactivity or on the first app opening…

News secton

this place is available only if you create your app with Shoppy. In this section you can inform users about the latest news, upcoming new products, discount codes…


Results: Shoppy wins 1 to 0

Shoppy support is the same across any user, whatever plan has been activated. The team is 100% Italian and it’s ready to support you across every phase of the creation process, starting from the 30 free trial days.

Shopney instead differentiate support level over the type of plan. For example in any plan (a part from the Enterprise one of 999$/month) there’s no design support.


Result: Shoppy ties with Shopney

Don’t limit yourself while creating your app: you can enhance it with various tools. This way you’ll extend its functionalities.

Shoppy proposes 12 different integrations while Shopney 20. Shoppy is always careful about customers needs, that’s why the team dedicated to the development roadmap is always ready to pay attention to customers and partners. Also Shopney bounds some integrations to specific plans, with Shoppy instead you can add any integration whatever plan you activated.

Admin & Builder

Result: Shoppy ties with Shopney


like I’ve told you before, creating your app wish Shoppy or Shopney is in both cases really easy. Thanks to a Drag & Drop system you won’t need any coding skill.


both solutions permit an automatica synchronization between the mobile app and ecommerce. This is a big advantage because it reduces the creation and setting time for the app.


Result: Shopney wins 1 to 0

Questo è un elemento a cui sicuramente presti molta attenzione, quindi, analizziamolo. 

Shoppy Shopney
Seed: 99 €/month (~114 $/month) Silver Plan: 99 $/month
Grow: 199 €/month (~230 $/month) Gold plan: 199 $/month
Bloom: 499 €/month (~576 $/month) Platinum plan: 499 $/month
Custom Plan Enterprise plan: 999 $/month

Comparing plan to plan we note that Shopney seems to be the most affordable solution.
However, we must not overlook all the elements we have just discussed. In conclusion, then, the prices are lower but with less functionalities available.

All you have to do is make your decision and give it a try. Both services involve 30 free days trial.

Let's recap

Shoppy Shopney
Menu Tab Bar Hamburger Menu
Customization Design in real-time
Option Layout
Design in real-time
No Option Layout
Push Notifications Unlimited notifications
Rich Notification
Scheduled Notification
User Segmentation
Notification customization
Unlimited notifications
Rich Notification
Scheduled Notification
No User Segmentation
No Automation
You can't customize push notifications
News Section
Support Available on any plan, even during free trial Differentiated support regards the plan
Integrations 12 available
No constraints on which integrations to use in any of the plans
Extensive Development Roadmap
20 available
Some integrations bond to some plans
Ease of use No Code Skills No Code Skills
Automatic synchronization between
Ecommerce - App Mobile
Pricing Seed: ~114 $/month
Grow: ~230 $/month
Bloom: ~576 $/month
Custom Plan
Silver Plan: 99 $/month
Gold Plan: 199 $/month
Platinum Plan: 499 $/month
Enterprise Plan: 999 $/month
Free trial period 30 days 30 days