What’s new in Shoppy: Q3 2022

The road to success is also made up of changes, and we at Shoppy know this well. With this new update, your customers will enjoy an all-new app with a renewed and elegant style, but still simple and convenient to use, like all good things! 

Mobile Style 2.0

From today your Shoppy App will have an even more pleasant style. From icon design to text size everything has been refined to improve the feel and make using the app a pleasant and satisfying experience.

Your customers will appreciate improved image definition, greater consistency of text across sections of the app, and a perfect visual balance when scrolling through lists. As Paulo Coelho says, “Small things are responsible for big changes.”

No news? No problema!

Making your customers part of your story is a great value-add in your relationship with them. Thanks to news, for example, you can inform them of new arrivals or what’s new in the store. However, if you believe that doing so might spoil potential surprises for them no problem: from today you can Hide the tab dedicated to News. So your customers will no longer see the empty list, but the tab bar icons will have more space to accommodate them in the home, catalogue, carrt and wishlist. Then again, we don’t want to risk spoiling anything to customers. spoil anything to customers right 😉?

Carousels and author's grids

A good home page is critical to getting the word out about your business. Whether you prefer to display your collections as carousels or grids of elements, eye appeal is key. So now you can customize individual elements even more by choosing where to place the collection name, how to show it or, why not, hide it completely. You know, a beautiful picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Always up to date

Each release of Shoppy we refine and improve in our production processes making them more and more efficient and introducing all the latest technological improvements. We update every component of the app to be increasingly reliable and optimize it for the latest versions of your devices’ operating systems. Obviously, then, the new Shoppy release will natively support iOS 16!