Shoppy x Treedom

Who said that a digital company cannot be “green”?

Shoppy decided to give the planet a tree for each app developed by its means. And to do so, it chose Treedom.

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What is Treedom

Born in Florence in 2010, Treedom is a digital platform that allows you to plant trees all over the world in a few clicks! All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Get started choosing the tree that you like the most, so that a farmer can plant it for you.

From then on, your tree will be geolocalized and constantly captured in photographs, giving you the chance to follow its growth till the transplant. Moreover, your plant will absorb carbon dioxide and, at the same time, release oxygen.

This double benefit is exactly what the entire terrestrial ecosystem takes advantage of.


Treedom x Business

A collaboration with Treedom enriches your company's wealth of experiences and offers you a unique opportunity to tell your customers, increasing your value in their eyes.

Shoppy is part of the 5000+ organizations involved with Treedom and offers you a double opportunity: to create an app with a unique and functional design and to give life to a new plant!

Shoppy sostenibilita treedom
Shoppy sostenibilita treedom


Shoppy x Treedom

But where did this idea come from? A sustainable digital agency seems almost an oxymoron, in fact, nowadays. The environmental costs associated with the production of all the electronic instruments, as well as the numerous theories on the potential electromagnetic pollution caused by the digital devices, have contributed to developing a negative perception of technology.

Shoppy wanted to debunk the myth of the "dangerous technology" and actively contribute to the protection of the planet, in order to ensure a full availability of the resources even in the future. Hence, it came to life the idea of offering the possibility to plant their own tree over the world to all merchants who use the app, as a tribute to Shoppy's customers, as well as to the natural ecosystem that hosts us.

By creating your app with Shoppy, a tree will be planted and cultivated for you and will proudly bear the name of your shop, empowering not only your "fame", but also your environmental and social commitment. All without the slightest effort! Even the smallest actions can be crucial sometimes. And that is why Shoppy has decided to give you this gift.

If you want your store to become even “greener”:

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