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Simple and intuitive


Create your homepage

Over fourteen different widgets to create the homepage you’ve always dreamed of.


Organize your catalog

Sort, group and modify your app catalog and create your digital storefront.

Brand Identity

Convey your brand’s style

An app without style isn’t truly yours Customize every detail according to your brand identity and make it absolutely unique.

Customize the smallest details

Customize the smallest details

Thanks to the layouts, you can customize every screen of the app, simplifying and improving your users’ purchase experience.

An ecosystem of integrations

Connect your favorite Shopify Apps

Shoppy offers 15+ integrations which allow you to improve your users’ mobile experience, track the customer journey and optimize your omnichannel strategy.

If the integration you are looking for is not available, we are ready to add it to our development roadmap.

We have taken inspiration from the best

A unique design

A smooth and pleasing design inspired by the best players in the market.

Creation and management

Fast, simple and familiar

Fast, simple creation

Setup is fast and does not require any coding knowledge. Thanks to the Shopify-style builder, configuration is within reach even of less expert users.

Synchronized in real time with Shopify

The app, updated in real time with your Shopify store, automatically offers your catalogs and products, simplifying management.

Updated by our team

Focused on your business and creating high-value relationships with your customers. We’ll take care of your app, updating it quarterly with new technologies.