Fast checkout

Time is money

Shoppy stores your customers’ information, speeding up and improving the checkout phase, helping you to improve the mobile purchase process.


One-click comparisons

It can be difficult to compare products on the small screen of a cellphone. Thanks to the wishlist function, you can bring all the user’s favorite items together in a single screen.

Customer success

Always keep in touch

Have you ever wondered what the simplest and quickest way to keep in touch with your customers is? Choose the best solution for you and answer their queries quickly:


Pro shipping

Put your customers at ease by allowing them to check the status of their orders and shipments. Thanks to the integration with ShippyPro, you can show package tracking directly on the order page and send push notifications with every update.

Improved search and filters

More powerful filters and searches

Take advantage of AI-optimized searches thanks to integration with Shopify Search and discovery SoBooster and Algolia. Your clients will find their perfect product with just a few taps.

Cart recovery

Store cart contents

Eighty percent of users abandon their cart and do not complete their purchase. Thanks to Shoppy’s Cart Recovery function, products are kept in the cart, simplifying the purchase process.

News Section

Offer exclusive content

Inside your app there will be a news section where you can insert exclusive content to make your customers feel special.

Growave Loyalty & Rewards

Reward your customers

The integration with Growave Loyalty & Reward allows you to strengthen your relationships with your customers by creating a fully fledged loyalty program. Give users points and rewards when they:

Shopify Country integration

Expand your horizons

Shoppy incorporates Shopify’s multi-country support – are you ready to make yourself known and make sales all around the world?


Optimize your meta campaigns

The integration with Facebook App Events allows you to track the events happening on your app and to share them with Facebook, thus allowing you to create targeted and personalized campaigns. What can you track?


Consistent revenue with recurring purchases and subscriptions

Take advantage of the potential of Recharge to create product subscriptions. You can even configure the delivery times and any discounts.


The magic of social proof

Eighty-nine percent of consumers around the world read reviews before making a purchase. Want to satisfy the remaining eleven percent?

Even with the best app, users will not make a purchase if they don’t trust the brand. Turn a visitor into a customer thanks to reviews.