Push Notifications

Make yourself heard

Create high-value relationships and keep in touch with your community thanks to push notifications and in-app messages.

User segmentation

Communicate with the right people

Thanks to segmentation via demographic data and/or preferences, you can choose exactly who will receive the message. They will love what you tell them because it is personalized to them. 


Behavioral triggers

Shoppy offers automated push notifications based on user behavior, which can include welcome messages, notifications for abandoned carts and checkouts, and measures for reducing churn rates

Flow notification

Send a sequence of push

Flow Notification works for you, keeping your audience engaged and informed automatically. This feature enables you to set up a sequence of automated push notifications, effortlessly reaching your end-users as long as conditions are met. 

Back in Stock notification

Update your customers

Sold-out products are important, too. Users can be kept updated and receive push notifications when they come back into stock.