What’s new in Shoppy: Q2 2023

It’s summer time, it’s time for changes and Shoppy presents new updates! Shoppy team listens to you and evolves with your needs in mind. Find out what we’ve been working on over the past few months 👇👇👇 Shoppy introduce “Pages” Shoppy opens the door to 360-degree customization by giving you the ability to add “custom […]

What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2023

We are starting the year off strong with the first Shoppy update of 2023! Feedback from our customers and partners is helping Shoppy evolve by adapting to the unique needs and desires of each store. Keep reading to learn about the newly launched features or tell us what you would like to see next on […]

What’s new in Shoppy: Q4 2022

Say goodbye to the year in beauty! With this latest Shoppy update for 2022, your customers can count on an even more convenient and advanced app that you can customize even more. Leave your mark in the world of shopping and get ready for a lot of surprises in 2023! Fly overseas with Multi-Country support […]

What’s new in Shoppy: Q3 2022

The road to success is also made up of changes, and we at Shoppy know this well. With this new update, your customers will enjoy an all-new app with a renewed and elegant style, but still simple and convenient to use, like all good things!  Mobile Style 2.0 From today your Shoppy App will have […]

What’s new in Shoppy: Q2 2022

What’s new in Shoppy since the last update? The answer is: so many things! In recent months we have been working to improve the app and add many useful functions. You will be able to target your push notifications even more, allow recurring purchases, add notes at checkout: keep reading the article to find out […]

What’s new in Shoppy: Q1 2022

📦 Back in stock notification https://cdn.mburger.cloud/336153/back-in-stock-notification-shoppy-mobile-app-shopify.mp4?data=eyJtZWRpYV9pZCI6MzM2MTUzLCJieXRlcyI6NDU3NTQxLCJwcm9qZWN0X2lkIjoyMDMsImhhc19pbWdpeCI6MH0%3D With this new feature, you will be able to notify interested customers at the precise moment when a product is back in stock again. When a user tries to buy an out-of-stock product, they will be given the option to sign up to receive a push notification when that […]

How to make your customers love your app

It is a well known fact, a Mobile App is the 2022 key element for any eCommerce. An app is useful to brands is many ways as it allows to: enhance users’ mobile experience, increase brand credibility and increase sales. Not only that, an important objective that a brand could reach thanks to an app […]

5 obstacles to mobile purchases: here is the solution

Users of mobile devices increase every year and this growth has been even more enhanced by the pandemic. Especially 2021 was an essential year for eCommerce owners that saw an increase in visitors coming from smartphones and tablets more that from desktops. But this frequent use of mobile devices did it bring an economic advantage […]

Growave: build strong relations with your customers thanks to a loyalty program

Customers are the key for the success. Brand’s objective is to maximize the economic value of every customer. To achieve that you must create a direct and lasting relationship with them. How can you reach that? The answer is to take advantage of the theory of motivation and expectation: someone will do certain things only […]