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What is Shoppy?

Shoppy is an application which connects to your Shopify store and allows you to create your app quickly and simply.

Can I only use Shoppy if I have a Shopify store?

Exactly, Shoppy is a Shopify Sales Channel and as such only works with this platform. Contact our sales team for integration with other technologies.

Can I cancel if I’m not satisfied?

No problem! You can cancel and request a refund at any time.

How can I integrate Shoppy?

To integrate Shoppy and start creating your app, just install a new Sales Channel on your Shopify Store and add Shoppy.

Do I own the app published on the stores?

Absolutely. The app is your property and will be published on the App Store and Google Play Store by your company.

Who is behind the creation of Shoppy?

Shoppy is a product from Mumble Srl, a tech company based in Italy. We have been developing mobile solutions for major international brands such as Tetrapak, Hermes and the US Department of VA since 2013. Find out more about us here: