How CuorMio revolutionizes Its Business: The Secret to Exceptional ROI with the App built with Shoppy





10m, 04s

Average session duration in App


Pets Food & Care


La Spezia


January 2021


The Brand

CuorMio is the result of the passion and dedication of its founder, Luca, to ensure a healthy and natural food alternative for dogs and cats. The company was born from the founder’s personal experience in seeking a better solution for the well-being of pets.

The Challenge

Despite already having a loyal customer base, CuorMio felt the need to further engage its customers by offering them a more interactive and personalized experience. He wanted to go beyond just a website to create a deeper connection, offering more than just a commercial transaction. The goal was to increase customer engagement and overall improve their experience while maintaining the quality and authenticity that characterize CuorMio.

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The Solution

CuorMio chose Shoppy to build its app in order to enhance the shopping experience for its loyal customer base. With an average session duration of over 10 minutes and an average cart value 7% higher than the website, the app has generated an ROI of 3125.95%, confirming the success of the investment in digital innovation.