How Saveone increased average cart value with an app.


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Increase in average order value


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Fashion & Apparel




September 2021


The Brand

Saveone offers clothes and collections for every occasion, with Italian-made quality and the convenience of a short supply chain.
This sentence sums up the values and vision of this young, fast-growing brand, which is increasingly loved and appreciated by its customers.

All items are refined, high-quality pieces of clothing, designed and created entirely in Italy. The raw materials, models and craftsmen who make them are the proof of this. Thanks to its short supply chain, Saveone is also able to eliminate intermediate steps, bringing every product from the manufacturer to the end customer and thus keeping costs down.

The Challenge

Saveone is an aspirational brand that grows and improves year after year by investing and believing in itself without fear.

They believe in the importance of communication, with the awareness that it is a fundamental tool to engage in dialogue with people, telling them about the brand’s history, and giving rise to harmony with them.

It uses influencer marketing strategies and social networks to acquire new customers. In any case, creating a mobile app for its brand would allow them to create solid, long-lasting relationships with their customers, at the same time offering a much more fluid, personal, and faster mobile experience.


The Solution

Saveone put its trust in Shoppy to create its app, finding it to be a highly available, competent and reliable partner.

With the support of Shoppy’s team, the app was created in just two days. Considering that the development of a mobile app like Saveone’s would require over six months of development and an investment upwards of € 40K, Shoppy allowed an incredible acceleration of the time-to-market, while keeping the investment way down.

Saveone was thus able to reinforce its brand identity while at the same time increasing its average cart value.

The best solution for Saveone, maximize profit and increase average cart value.

Valerio Bartolo

Saveone Co-Founder