How Silvian Heach reached new users and increased the average cart value.


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Naples, Italy


May 2022


The Brand

Accessible, stylish, and easy to read. These are the main features of Silvian Heach’s clothes. The brand has been part of Arav Fashion since 2002 and has been able capture the attention of women with its fresh style.

Each garment conveys flexibility and boldness thanks to its bright colors and polished style. A real point of reference for every woman who wants to experiment with fashionout of the ordinary and showcase her personality.

Thanks to the grit expressed by the brand and the competitive prices offered, Silvian Heach has been able to renew and expand over the years, reaching sales in 40 countries thanks to 1000 retailers and four official physical stores in Italy.

The Challenge

Inclusivity is one of Silvian Heach’s mantras. Silvian Heach has been able to appeal to all women and allow each of them to express their femininity and individuality. For this reason, the brand understood that the site alone would not be enough to attract customers. Furthermore, since most of the internet traffic comes from smartphones, the online shopping experience on a mobile device must be as smooth and effective as a desktop.

Therefore, there was an urgent need to create an application that would simplify the purchasing process, improve the experience, and at the same time, catapult the brand into the future. Advanced functions such as quick checkout and cart maintenance were a necessary addition.

The Solution

With Shoppy, Silvian Heach now has a new sales channel and can reach an even wider audience, confirming its goal of inclusiveness. The app has an essential impact by displaying a video directly on the home page and representing the brand’s cool and fresh colors and style, recalling its strong personality and improving the shopping experience for customers.

Thanks to push notifications, Silvian Heach can create even deeper relationships with users. With news, they can showcase all previews and new arrivals. Thanks to Shoppy, our brand has increased the value of the average shopping cart of users while maintaining low maintenance costs and brief development times.

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