How PS Love improved its CR and brand awareness thanks to its mobile app.


Customer return rate


Conversion Rate

Against 1,4% on the web


Fashion & Apparel


Porto Sant’Elpidio (FM), Italy


May 2022


The Brand

PS Love was created by Lucia and Simona, two very different women who nevertheless share great grit and determination. Leveraging their stylistic and lifestyle differences, they created a young, fresh, fashionable, casual chic brand. Thanks to their talent, they are now a successful Italian company with over 200k followers on social media.

The founders’ love and passion is visible in every item of clothing, and in a brand where every woman can be herself by dressing in a youthful and lively manner. It is not by chance that the brand is named after a typical end to a love letter: ps. love, words that stir our emotions.

The Challenge

Despite their remarkable follower count, Lucia and Simona understood that social media could not be their sole sales channel. For this reason they had to find an alternative way to interact with customers, above all those who often use their smartphones.

Contact via social media was no longer sufficient to expand, and they wanted to offer the possibility to purchase conveniently on mobile devices as well. Also considering that around 90% of their traffic came from these devices, they decided to provide their customers with a new sales channel which could provide the sensation of a website and an improved, yet still familiar, purchase experience.

The Solution

Shoppy was the perfect solution for two gritty female entrepreneurs. In very little time, they had a fast, simple and completely customized app. Thanks to the Bloom plan they also had unlimited homepage widgets and automated push notifications available, bringing their conversion rate to 25.6% and their average session time from 3.21 minutes to 41.57 minutes.

Thanks to these features, they can now show all their customers their wonderful collections directly on the homepage, and keep in direct contact with customers via automated push notifications. They can remind customers of an abandoned cart, for example, or a special purchase discount for specific items, thus creating an even stronger bond with their user-base, improving the customer rate by 35.3% compared to just their website.

Shoppy has allowed us to convey the mobile traffic of our audience in a Smart, fast and intuitive app. The updates are useful for making the shopping experience lively and ever closer to the experience of the official website. Recommended for building an app at a low cost and highly adaptable to the needs of your business!

Lucia and Simona

PS Love Co-founders