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May 2024



Slam Jam was born in 1989 from Luca Benini’s project and, thanks to a unique and multidisciplinary approach, has established itself as a point of reference in the underground scene – long before streetwear became a talking point.

Slam Jam’s goal is to provide an authentic and personalized shopping experience through an e-commerce platform and two physical retail locations.

The Challenge

Despite being a recognized brand, Slam Jam acknowledges that in order to grow, it’s essential to enhance the user experience for its customers. This results in smoother, more personalized interactions, as well as fostering longer-lasting relationships with their community.

In this light, the mobile app is crafted as an exclusive rendezvous between Slam Jam and its community, mirroring the brand’s identity and innovative essence.

The Solution

Under the guidance of the Shopify Plus Agency Cooder, Giacomo Antonelli has identified Shoppy as a reliable and competent partner in the mobile app sector. Through Shoppy’s builder, SLAM JAM has developed a native mobile app, seamlessly integrated into its Shopify ecosystem, significantly speeding up the go-to-market process.

This not only improved the user experience but also yielded to tangible results from the very first months: in March, 7.43% of the total orders were made through the SLAM JAM app, with an average cart value surpassing the website by 16% additionally, the conversion rate on the app stands at 3.29%, compared to the 0.92% recorded on the website.

In a world where digital innovation evolves rapidly, it was essential for SLAM JAM not only to adapt but to anticipate trends in order to provide our customers with a unique experience. The introduction of the mobile app was a strategic move to strengthen our bond with the community, demonstrating that our priority is customer satisfaction and engagement. This has allowed us to exceed expectations, creating not only added value for our customers but also for our brand.

Slam Jam Team e-commerce