How Wide Awake doubled their average session length and converstion rate.


Conversion rate


The average duration of a Wide Awake session compared to the 1m51s average on the web


Average cart value


Fashion & Apparel




Novembre 2022


The Brand

Wide Awake was born 2021 from a concept created by two guys during a turmulturous and unexpected global period. The objective of the brand is to shorten the supply chain process, skipping the intermediate steps of classic distribution to produce high quality garments at a reasonable price. Jacopo and Tommaso want to tell a new story, prototypes made by carefully selected Italian artisians, Thanks to direct contact with those who are interested, they choose and wear their collections, carrying forward the idea that only a quality garment with a distinguishable style can enhance the uniqueness of the wearer.

The Challenge

The brand community was growing more and more, and in a short period of time, but the goal of the two young people was not only to acquire more customers. Tommaso e Jacopo were looking for a way to involve the community and to be able to retain users in order to increase the rate of repeat customers.

Social media helped the brand a lot in the inital phase, but in order to achieve their retention goals, they decided to develop their own mobile app in order to involve and strengthen their customer relationships.

The Solution

Shoppy was the perfect solution for the two entrepreneurs. Thanks to this platform, they were able to send push notifications to mobile app users in order to strengthen the bond with the community and offer exclusive content and discounts to make the users feel appreciated.

Thanks to the app, the duration of the average session has doubled, thus leading users to browse more products and add more to their carts. media è raddoppiata portando quindi gli utenti a consultare più prodotti e ad aggiungerne di più al carrello. This has doubled the conversion rate and increased the average cart value by 10%.

Functional and very easy to use application, both for those who manage it and for the end user. Thanks to the integration with Shopify, the application is updated in real time with the e-commerce contents, thus saving a lot of time on managing the two platforms. The Shoppy team is super attentive and helpful, they guided us through every step, answering all our doubts and queries in thorough detail. Recommended for those who wish to develop a quality app for their e-commerce at an affordable cost.